Lead Generation: How Web Design Creates Leads

Your website should be generating leads, if it’s not, now is the time to learn how web design creates leads for your business, keep reading.

How Web Design Creates Leads

Making contacts and generating leads shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of marketing, but it is pretty darn important. Marketing begins with first impressions and creating leads for your business will come much easier if that impression is sleek, accessible, and welcoming.


If your business is online or has an online presence, your website’s design is that first impression. Having a website that encourages people to stay, that is easy to use, and that channels visitors to pages that will generate leads – all of that means you’re definitely working in the right direction.  


Let’s look closer at how web design creates leads…


Eye-Catching Design


As they say, “you eat with your eyes first.” An eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing website is more likely to make a customer or client want to use your business. Your website should reflect your business – if you take pride in the product you offer, you should also take pride in the way you present it to potential customers and leads. Showing you care about your appearance online – in the same way you would keep an office or shop clean, tidy, and welcoming – will draw people in.


If your website is outdated, clumsy, or jumbled, the chances are visitors will close the tab before they even find out how to contact you. 


Encourages Visitors to Stay


The same goes for if your website is boring. An eye-catching design is more likely to make visitors stick around, but even a beautiful looking website won’t keep people around for long if it isn’t interesting. Getting both your design and your content right will encourage visitors to stay longer, clicking around your original and engaging pages to peruse your product or service. 


The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely they are to find something they want to contact you about a purchase. Equally, if a visitor already knows what they want because they are a repeat customer or client, good web design should channel them quickly and easily to the page they need.


Channels Traffic


This is where excellent web design really comes into its own. It should be obvious from your homepage what you sell or offer and how a visitor to your website can enquire about it or buy it. Minimizing the waffle and decluttering your website will help take visitors to the page they require, generating you a lead. 


If your website includes a blog, having regular links back to your product or service will continuously remind the reader about what you do and what they can get from your service or business. Having a Live Chat function can also help with this, as can making it clear how a visitor can sign up to your mailing list or, perhaps, if you have an office or shop, how to find you. 


Search Engine Optimization


Getting found online is one of the most important considerations for your business as an online presence. There is little point in having a stunning, easy-to-use website if nobody ever visits it. That is where search engine optimization comes in. 


Good web design will incorporate SEO into your website, pushing it higher up search engine results pages. The basic ways of doing this are keeping your website up to date with new and original content, ensuring your company name, address, and contact details match those on your Google My Business listing (which will also show you up on Google Maps) and building links to and from other websites.


If SEO is an unfamiliar concept to you, it is always worth looking into affordable SEO packages that can help you climb the results pages and get your website found. The more people visiting your website, the more leads you will get.


Customer Service


Once customers have found your website, they want to experience superb customer service. A well-designed website will make visitors feel as welcome and looked after as they are in a store or office. The aforementioned Live Chat can help this, as can predicting and answering frequently asked questions and providing a platform for customers to leave reviews.


Customers and clients like interacting with a business, so giving them a space to submit their thoughts will help make them feel engaged and valued. If you are selling a product or a service, including reviews, testimonies, and case studies will help produce leads.


Builds Trust in Your Brand


It is these examples from past work and customers that build trust in your brand. If a new customer or client can see what positive opinions others had of your product or service, they are more likely to use it themselves. Making sure your website design includes an easy way to contact you also builds trust, as it shows you are open and welcome to questions. Furthermore, having a generally good-looking set of pages also differentiates you from the crowd.


A trustworthy business is one that generates leads and sells products, and when it comes to an online platform, design is number one in this respect. 




If you want to generate leads for your business, it is imperative to appeal to all aspects of the population – expanding your potential customers and clients. A well-designed website will be accessible to all, encouraging interaction even from those who don’t usually shop online. This could, for example, be the older generation. Therefore, your website should be easy to navigate, self-explanatory, and feature enough signposts to make sure even those less familiar with the internet can use it effectively.


You could consider using larger fonts to help those with visual impairments, using tables and subheadings to break up long sections of text, and adding a help page or annotations to any content that uses technical or niche language.


Generating leads can take up much of your time and effort, so having a website that helps do it for you is a useful tool. If you already have a website that needs updating or you’re thinking of making the move to online for the first time, considering the above factors can help you create a platform that welcomes customers, guides them through their purchase or query, and generates you more leads.