How to use YouTube to Boost Your Business

Learn how to use YouTube to Boost Your Business with the right type of video, creating content and promoting your YouTube Channel in this post.

How to use YouTube to Boost Your Business


When starting a business, every founder certainly thinks about its promotion. Getting in front of the largest audience – this is the main goal.

If you’re a business looking for the biggest audience, you can’t ignore Youtube as a part of your digital marketing strategy. YouTube is the second largest search engine and the second most visited website in the world after Google. More importantly, it is home to the single most engaging form of content online, so learning how to harness this power is essential to grow your business.


Let’s take a look at why YouTube is important and then How to use YouTube to boost your business.


Why use YouTube to promote your business?

YouTube opens the door to a wider audience


Placing high-quality content on the most popular video platform gives you access to people that otherwise wouldn’t have known about your brand. Over two billion people visit YouTube each month. And this is quite an impressive figure.

Video improves positions in Google


Google assesses videos to often be more useful than simple text content. Therefore, YouTube videos often appear at the top of search results. By the way, text materials supplemented by videos also help SEO ranking to skyrocket. This increases the credibility of the business.

YouTube boosts the trust of the target audience


Authentic videos improve the reliability of the company. By the way, many pieces of research prove that websites with a video showing the product or service significantly increase the likelihood of sales.


What types of video content are especially good for promoting a business?


#1. Instructional videos.

A growing number of people are coming to YouTube to learn something new. Awesome educational videos are a good way to reach new audiences, win trust, and trigger viewers to buy. This category includes videos on how to use your product, life hacks with its participation, various cases, and tutorials.


#2. Image clips.

The purpose of such videos is to show the company from the inside, tell a story, and attract potential employees. The brightest representatives of this category are videos about the results of the year and videos in honor of the company’s birthday.


It’s appropriate to unveil topics like “why is it cool to work here?” or “how is the brand different from others?”. Don’t try to be perfect: add team photos to the video, put employees in the frame rather than professional actors, and let the CEO of the company become the voice of the video. Honesty goes a long way with real people.


#3. Storytelling.

Inspirational videos that reflect your company’s values ​​help build your brand image and inspire clients. By the way, this kind of video is perfect for email marketing. 


These videos show that the company employees are the same people as the customers, which creates an invisible psychological connection. Storytelling videos should aim to create a specific brand story and ideology. Your customers don’t just buy a product, they buy a sense of their involvement.


#4. Entertainment content.

Everyone loves to have fun and often goes to YouTube to relax. Entertainment videos that serve your audience’s interests can be one of the best ways to get viewers’ attention to a product and can also go viral in their environment. By the way, these videos often perform much better than standard ads.


#5. Special projects.

The purpose of such videos is to promote the brand through content that will be of interest to the audience. It can be a mini reality show, the so-called TV series, in which your product or other formats will appear. All of this is difficult and expensive, so in addition to the film crew, you will need a producer.


The difficulty of special projects is that they must be interesting. This is not an advertisement but other content that requires separate promotion, like an independent project. But this is a very good way to reach the audience that is most interested in your product.


#6. YouTube stories.

Recently a new video format appeared on YouTube – Stories, similar to Instagram ones. Stories are a selection of short videos that are available for seven days. But keep in mind that YouTube stories can only be viewed on the YouTube mobile app.


How to make a YouTube Channel


To create a YouTube channel, you need to sign in to the Google account that you will use to manage the channel – preferably a branded account.


Step 1: Create a channel


Once you have entered the YouTube site, in the upper right corner, you will see your Google Account icon. Click on it, and then a menu will pop up where you need to select “Create channel.” Next, come up with a title for your blog. It’s better to use the brand name. Thus, those who search for you by company name or service will see your videos in the search results. By the way, don’t forget to embed a YouTube channel on the official website. This will treat the channel as the official representation of your brand on YouTube.


Step 2: Add an avatar and style the channel header


You should use either a stylized illustration or a brand/company logo as a channel avatar. The profile header can be any picture or photo that you create yourself or choose from the YouTube gallery. The recommended photo size is 2048×1152 pixels. It is better to use the profile header as an area where your channel will be described, or some kind of offer will be placed.


Step 3: Write channel description


In the section “About the channel”, you can place a description of the channel, email for commercial inquiries, links to websites, or social media.


Step 4: Explore deeper settings at the “Other parameters” section


Here you can enable or disable comments (they are open by default), enable or disable access to video view statistics, select a category for the video, set age restrictions, and so on.


Step 5: Add the first video


Voila! You are gorgeous! Start growing a YouTube channel.


Tips on Making YouTube Content 


Develop a video content plan.

As with any content, video marketing requires a lot of work and out-of-the-box thinking. To organize your work, you can follow the content plan. Analyze keywords and topical queries to create a content plan, for example, using Ahrefs and Google Trends.

Optimize your video.

Take the time to optimize Youtube videos. Consider the technical parameters of the video (YouTube has recommendations for technical settings) and video metadata (give the video a title, description, tags, and a splash screen so that the platform understands what the video is about).

Make videos eye-catching and “tasty.”

Master the video editing software to add video transitions, apply effects, work with voice-overs and add music. Or entrust this work to the team of professional editors.

Follow the dynamics in Youtube Analytics.

Work on mistakes.

Do not buy subscribers and views.

This will ruin the “account karma”.




To promote your business on Youtube and keep users interested, be sure to use videos of different formats and regularly upload new content. Each video should have its own script and be not only informative but also fun. 


Also, remember that a video of poor quality, with a slurred sound and a blurry picture won’t boost your popularity. Therefore, if you don’t have sufficient skills to edit YouTube videos, it’s better to hire specialists. And then your channel will manage a positive attitude and bear fruit. Good luck!