If you’ve been blogging long, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Reddit. It’s an extremely popular site capable of driving massive traffic to your site or blog, which is why you probably went there in the first place. If you’re going to Reddit to try and figure out how to drive traffic to your site then you’re probably wondering how in the heck to do that or possibly how in the heck Reddit even works.

You’re wondering all of this because you’re not a true Reddit user, you’re just trying to harness their massive website traffic for your own self promotion. I’m not judging, but you better believe Reddit users are. You see, Reddit users are judgy and witty. It’s a dangerous combination for someone who hasn’t tried to fit in with the group, as you’ve probably already discovered and is indicated by your lack of karma.

If you really want to build your karma and get good traffic from Reddit, then watch these videos. You will be entertained as well as informed, but at the end you’ll need to ask yourself… “do I really want traffic from lonely men ranging from 18-45 whose common interests seem to be limited to boobies and chicks they’d like to do?”

If so, these videos will help guide you through the finer points of how to score good “karma” by verbally bashing others, degrading women and referencing the word “anus” in as many comments as possible (classy, right?). Good luck and I hope your actual karma doesn’t suffer from all of your efforts in gaining “Reddit karma.”