How to Use Parallax Web Design to Create Custom Pages That Engage

Parallax web design in 2019 is all about learning how to design custom pages to deliver content in a more engaging way for your audience

How to Design Custom Pages with parallax website design in 2019

Having an online presence means delivering your content in the most effective way.

Anyone can have a website, in fact, it’s never been easier to create a website, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to have an online presence – at least not in the way you imagined.

There are over 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web today. Source InternetLiveStats


internet live stats


Given this information, you may just want to take a look at your website design to make sure it’s actually working for you.

Online marketers must take many things into consideration when it comes to their web presence.

Some of the things you should be taking into consideration are;

• is my website visible? is it showing up in local search, maps, etc?

• is my website engaging visitors?

• is my website converting visitors to leads or sales?


Your website is the biggest asset you have in cultivating your target audience into active participants in your brand.

User interface and website design greatly impacts its success or failure. Sure staying on top of current web design trends can be helpful in terms of user experience and even technical operations, but not every trend is good for business.

One trend that has been drastically misused is Parallax web design.

Parallax Scrolling has gained prominence in modern web design. This trend is ideal for corporate and creative websites that incorporate completely responsive designs. With the right mix of visual appeal and smart functionality, your website can offer a fantastic user experience. Parallax scrolling is something for which aesthetics never have to be compromised for usability.

That being said, you don’t see a lot of enterprise level or fortune 500 business using it.

There must be a reason for that…

There is.

It’s because they don’t see a benefit to it. Most websites using parallax scrolling are overusing huge background images and delivering very little in terms of relevant content to the user.

This actually takes away from their website design, making it less visually appealing and less intuitive for users.

I this post we’re going to show you the benefits of using parallax web design the right way to deliver long form content to your audience. This will lead to enhanced conversion rates that will result in better revenue and business.



Benefits of Parallax Scrolling in Website Design

Whether you are already established in the corporate or creative field or are a start-up business thinking of going online, it is of paramount importance that you offer your visitors the best website experience possible. Users are always on the lookout for something fresh and new, and parallax web design can deliver when done right.

A Few reasons how every business can benefit from a Parallax website design:

  • Fantastic storytelling experience – When it comes to multi-page websites & storytelling, it never goes hand in hand. Users will instantly lose interest when the story is split into numerous pages. Web browsers are used to scrolling long content. But it is different with parallax storytelling websites. Parallax design offers both a smooth & a linear approach to storytelling with the added benefit of active animation to keep them engaged on the web page.


  • Offering a crisp experience – The one thing everyone seems to be lacking is time. Visitors tend to quickly leave web pages that take too much time to load. Using parallax website structure ensures your message is seen and your site loads much faster than multi-page websites while keeping the user engaged.


  • Mobile friendly – More and more people are using their smart phones and tablets to surf the internet instead of their personal computers. Scrolling is very natural to users when they visit a web page through their Smartphones. For this, parallax scrolling is ideal and most intuitive.


  • Enhanced user engagement – When Parallax websites use many layers and images in their design, it piques a user’s curiosity and desire to explore what is next. Equally important, parallax web design can break up the content to create white space, active imagery and messaging in a more engaging way. When done correctly, it entices the viewer to learn more about your products and services in a more effective way than just infinite scrolling.Parallax scrolling in web design can provide a more dynamic way to keep your users engaged in your brand using a single page with long content that is also perfect for enhancing the search engine ranking of your website.


Creating Custom Pages

Many web designers are incorporating custom pages using parallax page style in their websites in order to achieve improved message delivery with the added benefit of search engine ranking.

better parallax design

It is even possible to download parallax effect website templates for free to better familiarize yourself with the style.

The steps to create custom parallax pages for your business website are as follows:

  • Designing a Content Plan – Laying out graphics, text, and images strategically is the first step. When you employ the Best Parallax Website Design Services, the creation of a one-page website will ensure that you can manage the order in which the content will be viewed.Visitors must be able to quickly and intuitively find the message your website is trying to convey. Prioritizing the content order is very important. The main focus should be about your products or services and the site should have a clear Call to Action (CTA). Adding an About page, clear contact information, and testimonials will also lend credibility and peace of mind for customers.


  • Selecting the Correct Website Template – Take a look at other simple parallax websites to get an idea of the layout and features that will work best for your site. Based on your research, you must choose a template that works well for your custom page website. Pay attention to elements like columns, call-outs, rich footer, anchored menu, social media links, etc. There are so many templates available to make it easy to find one that fits your needs, no matter what your business is selling. Customize it from header to footer so your site looks unique and is tailored for maximum conversion rates.


  • Adding Parallax Effects – Parallax scrolling is an extremely appealing design trend. This effect gives a dynamic 3D illusion to the website and adds visual interest. Background layers and images move at varying speeds as the visitor scrolls down the website. Custom pages can sometimes be one-dimensional but with the addition of parallax scrolling effect, the website will have a very dynamic and modern feel. To create this effect, light parallax animation can be added to the strips present in editor such as fade, zoom in, and reveal. These effects are the best way to encourage users to keep scrolling through your website’s content.


parallax effects


Tips on Building an Effective Parallax Website

tips for parallax web design

  • Inviting users for scrolling – Utilizing the ‘Above the fold’ zone in a website by incorporating creative graphics and messaging is important. This is your first impression and must be designed to compel users to begin scrolling. Using a symbol or messaging to indicate the page has more to offer is a smart design choice.


  • Jump-to choices must be there – To avoid issues like disorientation in websites, Jump-to options using parallax scrolling css tricks must be included. Using this functionality, a user can easily jump to the previous or next content section, or quickly return to the top of the page.


  • Utilizing parallax effect – Offering an immersive 3D experience, this effect can easily keep visitors engaged.


  • Navigation menu – Website Designs with Parallax Scrolling should be made in such a way that customers and visitors be aware of their position while surfing a particular web page. Developers should utilize sticky menu which stays constant at the top of the page.


There are so many benefits to using Parallax in your website design. Take your online business to the next level and create a robust online presence with our professional help today.