How to Use Instagram As a Money Making Platform

Chances are, you’re already on Instagram, do you want to find out how to use Instagram as a money making platform for yourself?

How to Use Instagram As a Money Making Platform

Are you on Instagram?

You sure must be as it is one of the most popular social networking sites that have seen robust growth in the past few years. But do you know that you can transform your Instagram account into a profitable option and earn a lot of money every month?

Yes, you read it right!

If you are interested to learn how you can earn with Instagram then go through this blog very nicely.


Money-Making: A Great Deal for Instagram Users


You see a lot of gorgeous photos and videos on Instagram daily posted from various accounts. But do you know that these photos earn money for the account holder and the deal is extremely lucrative? Most Instagram users just spend money on using their account, but the clever ones make money instead. A large percentage of Instagram users promote products with post and earn a good amount every month.

Some of the key ways to earn from Instagram are:

  • Working as an affiliate marketer
  • Being an influencer
  • Promoting your products becoming an entrepreneur


Affiliate Marketer


The job of an affiliate marketer is selling products through an impactful post. You will have to promote products from various brands and attract the attention of your followers. If they buy the products you are promoting then only you will be able to make money.


For becoming a successful affiliate marketer, you will have to win the hearts of your followers very nicely. It is important to build up the trust factor so that your followers buy the products keeping you in their minds. You can recommend your favourite makeup items, apparel, accessories, or any other thing through your Instagram account. These products will be displayed with the help of good pictures, and there will be a link provided in the description box.


You can also add a promo code if the company provides you with one and customers can get some discount through it. The link or the promo code is exclusively designed for your post and if there is a sale following them, then you earn a fee. This type of marketing is surely one of the smartest and is owned by many companies due to its raging popularity.




You must have heard the term Instagram Influencer but do you know its meaning?

Well, an Instagram Influencer is the one who posts pictures of products from different brands and influences her audiences through them. The job of an influencer is not very easy as you will need to have a good amount of credibility amongst your followers. You will have to influence others through your posts and for that; your followers need to trust you.


The foremost thing you need to do is build your brand and promote it as much as you can. You will have to increase the number of followers so that anything you promote has a high chance of getting sold. If you can build a strong connection with your followers, then you will surely be able to influence them more with your Instagram post.


The next step is finding suitable brands and partnering with them. You can pitch a brand directly or can sign up into an influencer marketing platform and let brands find you out. But before signing a deal with a brand, make sure that the products suit your brand perfectly or else it can become a huge miss.


Becoming an influencer also brings along a lot of responsibilities as you need to respect the faith your followers have on you. You should be loyal to them and post transparently without hiding anything important. Make it clear to your audience that the post contains an ad, and you are promoting the product because you find it worthy.




The third way of making money on Instagram is by becoming an entrepreneur and selling your products. Your Instagram account is a great platform through which you can promote endless products. So why sell someone else’s products when you can sell your own conveniently?


Instagram is a very popular medium that is not at all behind any other marketing medium. If you run a business and manufacture various products, then bring it to Instagram and help the world know about them. Marketing is an important aspect of any business, and you will have to spend on it, so do it on your own Instagram account.


There is no need for using other platforms and writing a post for them. Your personal Instagram account will attract the attention of millions of users who spend a lot of time on this social media site. Converting your ardent followers into customers can be a potential option that you should reflect upon. 


Instagram has evolved a lot and with this evolution came in many useful features that will allow you to sell products on this website. All you need to do is set up a business account, and you will be able to get access to all the premium business features supported by Instagram.


The next step is creating a catalogue for your products which you need to do very carefully. Remember that your followers are just able to watch the photos of your products and so they should be clicked very nicely. You will also have to set up your e-commerce infrastructure for delivering your products to the customers.


Bottom line


You should be extremely professional if you are out to earn through Instagram as that will ensure your success. Manage your account nicely and answer all the queries of your followers to make a strong place in their minds. You should also concentrate on making real followers and do not buy fake ones as that will be of no use.


Put your heart and soul in framing good posts and promote yourself thoroughly. If you understand the strategy nicely, then you will end up with a large follower base.