How to Use Banner Stands for Promoting Your Small Business

Important Considerations in Choosing the Ideal Banner Stand for Promoting Your Small Business  

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When you want to participate in any trade show, exhibition or any other event, one thing that is usually very high on the list of essentials is an attractively designed banner on a suitable banner stand that can be used for promoting your goods and services to potential clients.

According to, creating engaging branded content remains as important as ever.

Of course, you would want to use banner stands that can do the job perfectly and are also made from the best materials for longer life. However, the choice of the type of banner stand is also very important, because not only do they significantly differ in price but also in their suitability for the display. Some important factors that can impact on your choice of a banner stand:

The Budget You Can Allot

Since banner stands are available in plenty of sizes, materials, and features, and intended purposes they tend to differ a lot in their prices.

This is the reason why you need to be clear about how much money you can afford to spend. The budget you will need to allocate will depend on both the number of stands you want to buy and the type of the banner stand, like retail display or portable trade show displays. You should try to get the best possible quality even if they can be relatively expensive as they are reusable and have an extended life that can make the investment worthwhile. However, in the overall content of things, banner stands are generally so affordable that even small businesses can easily afford to buy them. 

The Location of the Display 

It is important to know beforehand whether the banners will be displayed indoors or outdoors as it is important to choose the right type.

Stands that are ideal for indoor use can be lightweight and focus more on their aesthetic values while stands intended for outdoor use need to be more robust since they will be exposed to the elements and need to stand up the wind, rain, and even uneven ground. Outdoor banner stands place value more on functionality than design and may not possess the same aesthetic qualities as that of the indoor stands. It is an overkill to use outdoor banner stands indoors as they generally cost much more and are not too great to look at either. This means that while you can use a Multifunctional Adjustable x Banner Stand or a retractable stand indoors, you should ideally use pop-up banner stands with solid bases outdoors as they are less likely to topple over.

You can also consider further stabilizing the stand using heavy weights on the base. The size of the stand is also a factor because using a large one indoors may look very ungainly and obstruct the easy movement of people. However, if the space is large, you can use a large-format banner stand without any difficulty.


After having selected the best type of banner stand, you should think about the message, which should fit very easily in the available space. The success of the communication will depend on how attractively the banner is designed taking care to use fonts of adequate size that will permit easy reading and attractive use of color and graphics to attract a large number of eyeballs.