How To Transfer Facebook Page Ownership in 10 Steps

Are you trying to figure out how to transfer Facebook page ownership? You’re at the right place, just follow these 10 steps to transfer ownership to someone else.

How To Transfer Facebook Page Ownership

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You’re probably here because you’re looking for information on transferring your Facebook page ownership. This really isn’t something you think of when starting a page, I mean why would you ever want to transfer ownership. Well, imagine someone buys your company and needs to control all the assets, including your Facebook page. You might be in a similar situation right now, but finding a clear guide on how to actually make the transfer isn’t super easy.

Not to worry, we have compiled the best guide to ensure you understand how to transfer your Facebook Page ownership to a new account user.

The first thing to understand is that you MUST be an admin of the Facebook Page in question. If not, you’re going to need to figure out how to get in touch with the person who is before continuing. Before we get into the actual steps for transferring ownership let’s take a look at the most common reasons you would want to.

What Are the Possible Reasons for the Transfer of a Facebook Page Ownership?

Here is why you’ll need to transfer Facebook page ownership.

Business Purposes

Marketing a business requires you to have a Business Page. For this reason, you may have created a Facebook page for your business to separate its operations from your personal account. It allows you to retain your unique identity while ensuring your brand account is strictly for business purposes.

Moreover, businesses with corporate structures are highly regulated, which requires you to have a separate account. Therefore, when you decide to sell your business, you will have to transfer the Facebook page ownership to the buyer, as it is part of the transaction.


You may have created multiple pages for your clients as a Facebook agency. Ideally, a Facebook agency helps other businesses to grow through advertisements. 

These services mainly involve running end-to-end campaigns on Facebook pages. While they are a typical scenario, it lends to a transfer of the Facebook page ownership to the clients once the campaign is complete.

Personal Pages

Apart from business purposes, you may have created a personal Facebook page for your technologically-inept relative or friend. As the admin, you must transfer the Facebook page to the new next of kin.

Common Terms During a Facebook Page Ownership Transfer Process

Below are common terms you may encounter in your Facebook page transfer process. Understanding these terms will ease your ownership transfer process.

Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a profile created for brands, businesses, celebrities, and other causes to ease communication with fans and customers on the social media platform. Unlike personal profiles, Facebook pages gain fans rather than friends who like your page.

A page is publicly visible and operates similarly to personal profiles, updating links, statuses, events, photos, and videos to their fan’s walls and news feeds.

Facebook Business Manager

A Facebook Business Manager allows the management of multiple business assets, Facebook pages, product catalogs, and ad accounts from one place. In addition, it helps you manage the users’ permissions and allows you to maintain control, security, and privacy of all the business assets on Facebook.

You can grant partial or full access to the team members based on their roles. Thus, a Facebook business manager ensures that you can securely delegate tasks between different employees. 

For example, as an agency, you can manage multiple clients’ Facebook pages on Facebook business manager accounts without linking to your Facebook account as an administrator.

Additionally, as a business, this tool allows employees to manage your Facebook page without having ownership of your Facebook page or assets.

In this case, a business manager account is ideal if your business;

  • Has a team of people managing your social media presence
  • You have an agency to manage various Facebook pages
  • You work with vendors who help you to manage your ads or;
  • You want to control access and permissions to your Facebook page without handing over the ownership.

Page Roles

Page roles on Facebook allow you to add other people who can help you to manage your page, with each role having different access and permissions. As an admin, the only person who can assign or change roles to these individuals. These page roles are as follows;


A Facebook page admin has the highest level of access as they can manage all aspects of their page, including assigning roles and sending messages on behalf of the business. Additionally, they can create Facebook ads and view analytics.

Due to the authority associated with this role, ensure that you limit the people with these rights for security purposes.


Facebook page editors have similar roles to the admin. The only thing they can’t do is assign and add page roles. But they make posts, create ads, send message responses, and view insights.


A moderator needs more access to the page, unlike editors and admins. This role is the best fit for an employee who handles the customer services of your business. In this case, a moderator can answer questions or respond to comments but can’t create content for the Facebook page.


This role is meant for employees who create ads for the Facebook page. An Advertiser can also view page insights to understand how to improve the ad campaign to increase sales.


Among all page roles, the analyst has the minimum amount of control and access to the Facebook page. Specifically, an analyst can only view page insights, which is ideal for an individual responsible for content strategy and planning. 


A custom Facebook page role combines different permissions the admin sets. This option allows you to tailor-make your page roles based on your business needs.

Page owner on Facebook

A page owner on Facebook is the individual who registers the domain name and sets up the Facebook page. Unlike the admin, who has permission to manage the page, page owners can only make changes in the settings. Setting a Facebook page is easy; anyone can be a page owner, including clubs, societies, businesses, and more.

Page Settings

The page settings allow you to control how you want your Facebook page to appear. In this case, you can control who can see your Facebook page, add age restrictions, turn similar pages suggestions, manage page roles, and link other social media accounts to your Facebook page. 

Facebook Sidebars

Facebook sidebars are also known as the left-all-right side column, which appears on either side of the news feed. The sidebars contain important information and accessible actions essential to a business. 

In this case, the left menu includes functions such as creating an ad Facebook event for a fundraiser. On the contrary, the right side column contains Facebook ads and trending topics.

How Do I Transfer Facebook Page Ownership?

  1. Go to your Facebook profile settings on the left panel of your page.
  2. Click on your profile image on the right panel of your page, then select the correct Facebook page you want to transfer ownership for

    transfer facebook page ownership-1

  3. Once you’ve selected the correct Facebook business page, click on the New Pages Experience button on the left side panel of your Facebook page.

  4. Open the page access settings on the left side panel, then click add new.

  5. A window should pop up explaining what Facebook access means. Read through and click next.

  6. Enter the new owner’s name in the search box, then select the person you want to transfer ownership to.

  7. If you want to transfer ownership completely, toggle on the full control button, as it is usually OFF in default.

  8. Answer a security question.

  9. The new owner will then receive a notification about the invitation as the admin to the Facebook business page.
  10. Once the new owner has accepted the access permission, you should remove yourself as the admin. To do that, select yourself from the list of people with access to the page, click the three dots and then remove access.

Key Takeaways

Here are possible reasons to transfer ownership of your Facebook account

  1. You are selling your business that has a Facebook page.
  2. You run an agency that creates and manage Facebook pages for different clients.
  3. You have created a page for a relative or friend.
  4. Transferring a Facebook page ownership is an easy process, as identified. However, note that you can’t transfer ownership directly unless you are the admin.
  5. While there are other page roles, including editor, advertiser, analyst, and moderator, only the admin has complete control over the Facebook page.
  6. Nonetheless, you can’t change ownership directly in the Facebook Business Manager. Instead, you can only grant admin rights to a second party; the individual you want to give ownership rights of the Facebook page. Once there is more than one admin, you can remove yourself as the original owner.
  7. Transfer of Facebook page ownership is an easy process. Follow through the steps and consult with the Help Center in case of any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions:

Can I change the ownership of a Facebook page completely? 

Yes. As a Facebook page admin, you can completely change a page’s ownership to a new owner. For instance, if you have a business with a Facebook page, selling it would mean you’ll have to completely change the ownership of the page to the new buyer.

Therefore you don’t have a legal right to be on their page anymore when you hand it over to the purchaser. In this case, although you’re the person who registered the domain name and set up the Facebook page, you will have to completely change the ownership for the new user to manage how they want their page to appear, as they have their way of operations.

How do I add an admin to my Facebook page?

You may require employees or coworkers to help you manage your Facebook page. In this case, you can add them as an admin in the following steps.

  • On your business page, click settings on the left sidebar menu.
  • Click page roles
  • Go to assign new page role Section
  • Enter the individual you want to add as the admin. A drop-down menu of suggestions, and you can choose the person you want to add as an admin from there.
  • Select the admin option on the box next to their name.
  • You will get a reminder that the admin will now have the same permissions on your Facebook page as you once you make the changes.
  • Enter your password
  •  Click submit to confirm the action
  • Once you’ve added a new admin, you can confirm your choice by scrolling down to the existing page role section To see the list of the existing admins on your Facebook page.
  • The new admin will receive a notification where they can accept their role. Once they confirm, their role will appear in the Existing page role section. 

Can someone else remove me from my Facebook page?

Yes. Someone else who is an admin can remove you from your Facebook page. 

What should I do when someone else removes me from accessing a Facebook page I own?

The best approach to take when someone removes you from accessing your Facebook page you own is to ask them to fix the issue. They may have mistakenly removed you from accessing your account without their knowledge.

However, if it was intentional and you are unwilling to return control, you should report copyright infringement.

Check if the page admin or someone with full control of your Facebook page has removed you. While there are different page roles, only the admin can add you to your account.

However, if you feel that someone else has taken over your page, it is probably due to hacking. Report to the Facebook help center if you notice any of these changes

  • A change in your email or password.
  • Changes in your birthday or name.
  • Friend requests to people you don’t know.
  • There are posts that you didn’t create.
  • There are messages sent that you didn’t write. 

Remember, you can also be removed from your Facebook page if you aren’t the authorized representative of the page or it has been reported to infringe someone’s intellectual property rights, leading to its removal. In this case, you should identify the possible cause of removal and report to the Help Centre.

Why am I unable to transfer ownership of my Facebook page?

You can’t transfer ownership of your Facebook page unless you are the admin. Only the admin can edit a user’s permission levels to make them an admin.

Also, you may be unable to transfer ownership if the next of kin haven’t liked your page. Therefore, you should ask them to like your page and use your desktop to transfer ownership.