fund it with KickstarterRunning a business requires a lot of attention to detail, and getting one off the ground is even more complicated. Whether your next project involves financing a film, creating a new and innovative video game or some other type of artistic venture to offer the world, funding for your project could be within reach with a new kickstarter campaign. Already other organizations have raised nearly $600,000 to support a variety of projects. Here are a few tips to help you to launch a successful kickstarter campaign for your next project.

Start With a Following

Many project developers approach kickstarter with the idea that they can grow their own community. However, it works best if you enter this type of venture with an already established community. That being said, not everyone launching a new product is going to have a pre-established community. That’s ok, you should still have your primary bases for outreach established as if you did. This will require you to have a well designed website, a presence on all of the major social networks, and your own email list. Without these essential contacts in place it will be difficult for you to notify your followers or anyone for that matter about your project, its goals, and expectations.

The First 24 Hours are Crucial

The first 24 hours after you launch your campaign are crucial for getting the support you need. Successful campaigns have shown that those who show good results from the very beginning can find your project on kickstarter’s home page where they are more than likely to be discovered by others who are looking for a project to invest in. Start by contacting your friends, family, and local community to give you that needed boost to get you started.

Invest the Time

When it is time to create a video to promote your project, make sure that you invest quality time to its creation. You should provide a well designed, professionally prepared website that will attract attention. My company often creates websites that are set up to provide the necessary information about the product. We also direct our advertising and media placements to this website which funnels visitors to our kickstarter campaign. This is a great way to build credibility motivating an interested party to pledge. You can see one of these example websites here. This website no longer directs visitors to the kickstarter campaign as it has already funded and expired, but you can view that campaign by visiting this url: With the kickstarter program, your video presentation will be emphasized to such an extent so that it will be the impetus that encourages interested parties to share it with others via social media and email links. It is also important to ensure that your video program is not too long and focuses on a story that is compelling enough to keep the viewer fully engaged. My company does a lot of production art for board games and video production to promote them on Kickstarter. The video below is a recent example of one we did for a kickstarter campaign that doubled it’s funding goal in a few days. You can view the campaign here:

Be Open With Your Viewers

Rather than just speaking about your project and your goals, feel free to be open and honest with your viewers. The more they understand your motivation, the more likely they will be motivated to join you. Relate your personal story, experiences, and drive so that they understand why you have gotten behind your particular campaign. Tell your story and be open enough to show your feelings and passion on the topic and you’ll see a major difference in getting your project off the ground.

Interact With Your Following

Don’t just ask for money or support but provide something in return for their contributions. Make yourself available to answer questions and interact in other ways with your audience. Offer rewards for their efforts, give praise, and publicly thank contributors for their support. This kind of recognition promotes excitement when they know their gifts are appreciated. Supporting those who support you will motivate them to share their experience with others and enhance your efforts for additional funding of your project.

Be Original

Nearly every organization will offer the traditional T-shirts, coffee mugs, and stickers so offering these will not set you apart from the many projects others may have. In order to be competitive when vying for funding consider offering something that others may not have considered. Whatever product you decide to offer, always make sure that it is a high quality product that would easily sell on its own. This will offer enough of an incentive for a contributor that may be sitting on the fence to make a decision to invest in your venture.

Know Your Target Audience

Regardless of the strategy you use to launch your new kickstarter campaign, it is so important that you know your target audience. While you may have the best offer possible, if you’re pitching to the wrong crowd you’re basically handicapping yourself even before you get started. If you pitch to the right group of people, you’re ensuring success in meeting your project goals.

Launching your own kickstarter campaign can produce amazing results that can surpasse many organizers’ expectations. While a kickstarter may be a great way to find the needed funding required to launch a campaign, the key to success is not in the program itself but in how it is applied to any given project.