How To Recover Deleted Photos On Mac?

Oh $h!t… How do I recover deleted photos and files on a Mac? HELP! I was storing too much data and accidentally deleted photos I want.

How To Recover Deleted Photos On Mac?

Photographs are one of the most commonly used medium to preserve moments and memories for decades & centuries even.

People use devices with limited storage to click photos like mobile phones or cameras etc, making it essential for them to free the space for new ones. Thus, people usually store these pictures in a computer, external HDDs or laptop computers like Mac.

You know you’ve done it too – you’ve probably maxed out your free iCloud account and have been randomly deleting or dropping photos God knows where.

There are many scenarios in which you can lose the files from your Mac computer and wish to retrieve them back somehow.

Let’s take a look at some tools that can really save your butt when you need to recover photos and files that you’ve accidentally deleted.

With a top rated recovery tool like Recoverit, you can easily get your lost or deleted photos back. This application can be downloaded from its official website and is one of the most powerful recovery tools available on internet today. Using this application is quite simple but to help you understand better on how to recover deleted photos on Mac, here is everything you need know.


Steps To Recover Data on Mac Using Recoverit

recover deleted photos and files

This powerful tool has proven to be highly beneficial recovery tool for Mac operating system due to its rich features & ease of use. Here are the main steps to recover data using this tool:

  1. Download, install and launch the application on your Mac computer.


  1. Then you need to select the disk drive from where the photos need to be recovered and the preferred recovery mode type, and then click on ‘Start’ to begin scanning.


  1. After that the recovered files will be shown on the screen and you can preview the files to find the ones that you need.


  1. You can then select the important photos and click on ‘recover’ to retrieve these files back to your hard drive.


Various Data Loss Scenarios In Mac

As data is mostly stored on electronic mediums such as computers, mobiles, memory cards, HDDs etc, it is always possible to lose the data due to many reasons. This can happen due to user fault, machine error or when you feel that the data is no longer useful.

Data recovery for Mac is possible in the scenarios mentioned below:

  1. External Devices Recovery

With the help of compatible & rich-featured recovery software such as Recoverit, you can always recover lost or deleted files from various external devices.

Data retrieval is possible on below mentioned external devices:

  • Corrupted, deleted or formatted photos on memory cards, SD cards & Micro SD cards can be retrieved
  • Deleted or lost files on USB flash drives such as pen drives can be fetched back
  • Accidentally or permanently deleted photos from external hard drives can be brought back
  • You can also recover pictures from removable storage mediums such as iPads, media devices, mobile phones etc.



  1. Trash Recovery

In situations where you have deleted the data even from the Mac trash or you have cleared the trash, you might think that you have lost all the images permanently. This is common because you cannot find the option to restore data back to drive anymore but with the right software and recovering techniques, you can always get these files back intact.


  1. Formatted Mac Drive

Another situation where anyone can believe that they have lost the files permanently is when the Mac drive is re-formatted. This may happen accidentally or you might purposefully format the drive but forget to take a back up of the important images in the drive.

In such cases, you need not worry as with a rich featured recovery application, you can always retrieve these files back. You just need to follow the right steps and you will get back all the essential data without any hassles.


  1. Lost Partition

Sometimes the photos or files become inaccessible or unavailable due to loss of a partition on your computer drive.

This can happen due to many reasons such as virus attacks, malware actions, disk management errors and data being corrupted. Due to each of these reasons the data usually cannot be used or accessed. But you don’t have to worry about permanently losing this data as recovery software like, Recoverit, can always get you the data back.


  1. Virus & Malware Files Corruption

Viruses and malware are one of the most common causes of files becoming unusable due to corruption.

These viruses and malware are usually transmitted to your computer systems through the internet. These can always cause the photos to become inaccessible or unusable for you. But by using the advanced recovery features of the latest data retrieval software provided by Recoverit, you can always get your files and data back in good working order.


  1. System Crash

Another scenario where you can easily lose your photos & files is a system crash.

This happens when the system shuts down suddenly and the files couldn’t be saved properly. This can occur between file transfers or due to system errors making the files inaccessible or unusable. But with right recovery software, you can easily fetch the files back in the perfect state.


  1. Time Machine Backup

In Mac, a special tool named ‘Time Machine’ has been provided to create a backup of photos & files, in order to allow them to be retrieved later on.

Recently the file system of Mac was changed from HFS to APFS, making it quite confusing for everyone as to how they can restore backups now. But with advanced recovery software like Recoverit, Mac data recovery from APFS encrypted disk. So, you need not worry about getting the time machine backup data back in the initial usable state.



So this was everything you need to know about retrieving lost, deleted or formatted files in a Mac system along with all types of recoveries possible. By using full-featured & advanced recovery software, you can always get any kind of data such as photos, videos, documents, emails and other files back easily. Moreover, many of the finest recovery software is available for free, which allows you to save a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent on getting paid software. You also get proper support from these software developers to help you with the types of data retrieval you need to perform.