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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction Beyond Surveys

How often do you hear from your customers?

Or maybe the better question is: If a customer is happy, do you hear from them?

Typically, unless you went really above and beyond, you probably don’t hear from a customer. They simply have had a positive interaction with your company and then they move on with their lives and their businesses. And then there’s the flip side of that: You often do hear from customers when their experience with your company or your employees has gone sour. They will make noise, and they will often share those negative experiences with others who may spread the story.

That’s why it’s important to figure out how to measure customer satisfaction and know how you can take all the information available and use it to better your company. There are a number of ways to do just that, and this graphic gives you some insights about what to review and how to distill it.


how to measure customer satisfaction

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