How To Market Your Photography To Potential Clients

Photography can be a lucrative business if you know how to market your photography, learn how from Dhaval Patel.

How To Market Your Photography


Marketing your business, including photography, is one of those essential steps that you must do if you want to grow in the industry. 

While traditional marketing strategies, like ads on magazines and fliers, still work in the digital age, there are tons of innovative ways to advertise your photography to potential customers. In this post I’m going to go over the steps I took to put my photography in front of real buyers.

Here are some of the best tips and hacks that you may do to market your photography business to potential clients.

1. Google Business Pages

One of the best and most effective ways to market your photography business is to make it accessible to everyone on the internet. You can do this by listing your service to Google Business and creating an official page.

It is worth noting that Google is now placing these listings before the organic results in the rankings. You have to take advantage of it as it is free.

When listing and creating your page, ensure to include some photos from your portfolio. Professional pages such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are powerful.

For instance, try a search for Dhaval Patel Photography. You can see that I dominate Google search for branded queries.

photography business


2. Automate Your Social Media Posts

Social media has become a very powerful and influential tool in marketing. This is why businesses and services utilize these channels to expand and grow their ventures.

While it is an advantage to use many platforms, as much as possible, there is a downside to this.

It can take too much of your time.

Be cautious of this, and to maximize your time, it is best to automate your posts. There are now tons of free online tools and services that can help you with this. Using such instruments will assist you in your posting as it automatically uploads your posts across all social media channels that you are in.

3. Share Your Expertise

Sharing your expertise with your local community is also another form of effective marketing. Whether you do it virtually or personally, giving talks and pointers in an official capacity helps the public to learn more about you, your work, as well as your business.

Certainly, you have groups and organizations. Some examples include church communities, service clubs, and even junior leagues.

You may want to take advantage of this by offering your services as a guest speaker. Teach them some tricks and hacks that may help them in their respective day-to-day photography.


4. Create an Open Photo Shoot For Networking Opportunities

Apart from giving talks to communities and organizations, you can also offer free photoshoots from time to time. You organize the entire event and invite people to come and participate.

By doing this, you are expanding and building your network. You can get to know a lot of people, and more individuals can get to know about your business.


5. Write Blog Posts

On your page or website, write and post blogs regularly. The topics and subjects that you must focus on should be related to your business and service, which in this case is photography.

A short and concise post always works. It need not be too technical as these blogs should be relatable to the public.

Some examples are How-Tos and other informative articles. At times, though, you may still include technical posts that will help your audience learn more about your business and services.

The more active you are, the more traffic you will drive. As a result, there will be a much higher chance of converting leads to actual clients.


6. Create A Referral Program To Get New Clients

Concessions and promos are also effective marketing tools to grow your business. One great example of this is a referral program for your clients and leads.

When giving such promos, you give discounts to those who will refer you to other potential clients. By doing this, you can easily build a client database and a strong network.

Keep in mind, though, that this is only one example of concession and promo. You can be more creative with these programs by starting your own. Ensure to set rules, though, that will benefit you in the long run.


7. Get Featured On Photography Blogs To Increase Your Online Presence

To increase your presence in the online world, you have to be everywhere, as much as you can. You can effectively do this by being “on” in various official websites and blogs, like this one.

If you can, try to get featured on these sites. This will give you more credibility in the industry, allowing many potential clients and leads to trust you and your work.


Final Thoughts

Building and growing a photography business is just like any other venture. It is not easy and it will always be fairly challenging.

But, despite this, doing the most fitting and beneficial marketing strategies will help you along the way. You just have to assess and find the right steps to market your services, and these things given above are some of them that you may try and apply today.