How to Make It on Instagram as a Makeup Artist

If you want to make it on Instagram as a makeup artist stick to what you do well; keep your pics engaging, relevant and hashtag the hell out of them.

How to Make It on Instagram as a Makeup Artist

The road to becoming a famous Instagram makeup artist isn’t easy.

Instagram has gotten pretty crowded, especially for the makeup industry. And even when new artists fight their way to a place under the limelight, it might not be that easy to monetize it successfully or benefit from it in other tangible ways.

But there’s still a way newcomers can achieve success with their makeup chops on Instagram, and it just might be worth the effort.

The ingredients:

• A dash of audience understanding
• Great visuals of your craft
• Bringing personality to your visual identity
• The Insta-marketing ecosystem.

Here’s some advice on how to bring it all together to make it on Instagram as a makeup artist.

Be Ready to Hook Your Audience Quickly

The average human attention span is so short that six-second content and six-second ads are now a thing. The good news is that you can use that to your advantage on Instagram. That’s the kind of an ecosystem where you, the Instafamous makeup artist in the making, is trying to build a presence.

It’s obvious that, whatever the plans with all that social capital might be, you will have to accrue it in spite of the competition for the scarce resource that is human attention. To that end, your presence on Instagram will have to communicate well.

What are the three most important things your Instagram feed needs to convey in the first couple of seconds?

What You Do – Your audience needs to immediately understand what your Instagram Page is about.

Provide Value – How is your audience going to benefit from your content?

Unique Value Proposition – This is all you… the unique value you bring that makes your audience care.


There are a billion useful tools and templates an Instagram makeup artist can use to grow an audience, but it’s your job to create a feed that will be instantly recognizable for its full worth.

It takes commitment to catch and keep an audience by giving them quality they cannot deny.

Figure Out What Kind of a Makeup Artist You Are

instagram eye makeup

It helps a lot to know what kind of a makeup artist you want to become. Being a generalist might sound fun. But when it comes to being successful on Instagram and reaping the benefits of it, a jack of all trades is really a master of none.

You probably already know there are several different types of career paths makeup artists can follow. Ideally, it would be best to end up in the one you have the most affinity for. When using Instagram to launch a career, people should always do something they like because they’ll be doing it a lot.

Deciding what type of makeup to work with will give you a niche to operate in. Having a niche will, in turn, help with recognizability, and that kind of help is always welcome. But it will also help you understand and focus on what type of content your audience really wants.

Develop a Consistent Presence

Finding a niche; which in this case means figuring out what kind of an artist you want to be, will go a long way in establishing a consistent Instagram presence. At the very least, it will give the Instagram posts a common theme to bind them together. But that’s only the beginning.

The content on your Instagram feed needs to have a certain recognizability ie: your brand.

Using a color palette consistently will help. Using a filter is also a very important thing on Instagram. Remember, however, that makeup tutorials benefit from displaying colors as truthfully as possible, so make sure that the filter you use doesn’t cover what the content is trying to do.

The timing of the posts is another thing that requires consistency. Analytics tools will show what’s the time of the day when your followers are the most active.  You’ll be able to figure out the best time to post based on that.

Take Advantage of Helpful Practices and Tools

Instagram tools for makeup artists

The best thing about trying to build a following as an Instagram makeup artist is that you don’t have to do it without help.

There are plenty of analytics tools that will provide useful information to help an Instagram presence grow. And there are also a lot of tools that will help you automate some of the more tedious self-promotion tasks.

Knowing who to follow and whose content to like plays an important part in growing an Instagram following. You don’t want to follow everyone whose content looks good. It pays off to like as much content as possible because that will bring eyeballs to your content.

But because it takes a long time to look through all that content, it might be better to simply use Likegrowers Instagram auto liker tool.

It will like other people’s content based on the parameters you set. It will even help zero in on the competitor’s followers and go after them. Using so called, Instagram automation tools can really help you to grow your Instagram account and reach those wanted followers. But not every Instagram automation tool is the same, beware of tools that promise to give you hundreds of instant followers, make sure to choose a so called organic Instagram auto liker such as Likegrowers.

You should also learn about the industry hashtags and their meanings.

makeup hashtags on instagram

They will need changing after a while though, and there will always be new trendy hashtags to use. Just remember that using a hashtag that has nothing to do with your content isn’t necessarily a good thing.


The real key to becoming a successful Instagram makeup artist is, of course, persistence. You have to keep going at it even in those periods when it seems that no one is noticing your work. And don’t be afraid to experiment with your art and look for your genuine expression — your handiwork just might take the whole industry by storm.