How To Leverage Influencers for Brand Growth

A key component for Brand Growth is influence, learn how to leverage influencers for brand growth starting with your audience.

How to leverage influencers

An influencer is a person who is capable of affecting other people’s purchasing decisions because of the power and knowledge that they have as well as the relationship they have with their followers.

The rise in the utilization of influencers is attributed to the increased use of social media. For you to make use of the “influencer authority”, your business should have social media accounts on the platforms that you wish to use. This approach works best when you also have a sizable following on social media. You should know that having an influencer endorse your brand is like putting the icing on the cake.

You need to build your brand to enjoy the benefits of this marketing strategy. But how can you leverage influencers for brand growth?

Here’s How to leverage influencers for brand growth:


Familiarize with your audience


You can find numerous influencers with many followers to guide on Instagram marketing or popularize your brand on other platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter, but if you do not know who your audience is, this is a futile exercise. Understanding who your audience is helps you know the kind of influencer that you can choose to work with. The best influencer is the one that can reach your target audience and deliver the message that you want to put across. Additionally, you need to define the goal of your influencer campaign so that you know who needs to get the message that you are putting across and how to deliver that message.

types of influencers

Source: Eduard Klein


Choose an agency


When you want to work with an influencer, you first need to make a list of agencies that you think would be interested in promoting your brand. Among the top agencies that you can look into include Americanoize, Carusele, Sway Group, The Influencer Marketing Factory among many others. A new and easy way to connect influencers with your brand thereby growing your business significantly is the newcomer for Micro-Influencer Marketing trend. They have already negotiated the price with some handpicked influencers and you can kickstart your influencer marketing campaign in no time. 


Make it a two-way thing


While influencers can render so many helping tools for your brand, what can you do for them in return?

Eduard Klein posted a great list here. When you approach an influencer, you need to have figured out what to give them in return so that you add value to their brand as well. You also need to realize that influencers have other commitments and interests that they are trying to safeguard. Therefore you must come up with a campaign that supports both of you. The best way you could promote them as well is by mentioning them on your blog, newsletter, or social media that they also achieve their targets.


Work on your relationship

To get the most out of an influencer, you need to establish a strong relationship with them. When you two have an authentic relationship, their endorsement adds credibility to your brand. Customers need to feel that your influencer has faith in your products and the message that you are asking them to promote.


You can have your influencer study and understand your brand so that they can develop a connection to it. This approach will improve your relationship to a point that they will contribute to the content you are creating to promote your brand.


Identify the proper approach to your strategy


Apart from making use of the audience that your influencers have, you can work to build your followers. Another critical approach in influencer strategy is for both of you to post one another as a guest on your social platforms. Such a move will improve your ranking on the search engine because potential customers will be clicking on the external links to find out how the two of you are related.


Additionally, you can create a video of you interviewing your influencer and share it on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as a live event on zoom. The same video can also be converted into a transcript and shared on your blog. Your chosen influencer can also do the same so that you also uplift their brand. Such a mutual relationship will have you conquering the market and drawing a new audience to both your brands.




With the way the world is moving, the use of influencers will continue to grow immensely. Hopefully, this post helps you understand how to leverage influencers to start growing your brand by building relationships. Do not forget that your competitor will also be vying for the same people that you want to use to endorse your brand. So, move fast and continually build your relationship with your influencer.