How To Keep Your Blog Alive and Active? 6Tips to Follow

6 key ingredients to feed your blog in order to keep it active and your audience thriving, learn how to keep your blog alive and active right here.

How To Keep Your Blog Alive and Active? 6Tips to Follow

A healthy blog is a lot like a healthy digestive system — you have to keep it fed with stuff that’s good for it.

Think of your gut as the active audience and quality content is the probiotics it’s craving. A blog works this same way, where your online audience is always searching for relevant content.

The downside is that you can’t just run to the grocery store and pick up an assortment of nutritious content to publish, you must keep writing interesting and factual content to keep your audience engaged and your blog healthy.

Maintenance is the hardest part of keeping a healthy blog, that’s why we’re going to look at 6 ways to keep your blog alive and active. 


1. Hyperlink Your Content


According to Noria, an SEO agency in Brisbane, internal links in a blog keep the readers engaged with your content. Using relevant links and placing them at strategic points in your blog will keep the readers’ enthusiasm and raise their curiosity.


Many people like short articles. For instance, a person may prefer a well-structured 500-word article to a 3000-word article because they want the main points. However, to keep both extensive and surface readers, you will have to use internal links. They will direct your readers to where they will find more about their topic of interest. Thus, they will appreciate your efforts of sharing the knowledge and therefore keep visiting your site.


Additionally, since your visitors will take time to open the links, they will end up staying on your page for more extended periods.


2. Make Your Content Easily Accessible


People always read what appears on the first page of the search engine. What makes that content pop up first is good Search Engine Optimization. Sometimes great content may not be easily accessible because of a lack of optimization. It does not need a technology guru to know about Search Engine Optimization. You need to learn it gradually and begin incorporating it into your articles.


After writing your blog, choose the best title which can be easily accessed by people searching over the internet. Incorporate the best possible keywords into the title of your article. Besides, let the keywords come first in the title sentence before any other words.


Other than descriptions and titles, additional tips to make an SEO-friendly website include formatting your URLs well and make your blog easier to navigate. In the case of images, make sure their names and sizes are optimal for various search engines. Also, it is prudent to remember that texts are better than images. Therefore, minimize images. Remember, evergreen content is created by choosing a good topic and following simple formatting rules.


3. Engage Your Audience


Nothing will keep your audience alive as engaging them. There are many ways to engage your audience. For instance, you can write your content in a purely conversational tone and invite individual blogs from the users. Consequently, you can make a guest blog request on your page.


The readers will get motivated if they see their content featured in your blog. However, you must draft the guidelines to be followed by interested individuals. Besides, have a comment section and invite your visitors to make comments on every post. Always remember to respond to every question.


4. Promote Your Blog


There is no successful business that can operate without advertising. Promoting your blog is similar to advertising a product. However, a few differences exist. For instance, you may promote your articles through free channels such as social media.


Social media is a handy tool used by bloggers to improve user engagement. Always take advantage of the free sites to engage your audience. Request your users to share your content via the platform and ask them to like your pages. Consequently, put all the links to your articles on your social media pages.


You can also try email promotions by asking your visitors to sign up for reminders. Besides promoting your content, this strategy will also strengthen the relationship with your audience, ensuring your blog is perpetually active.


5. Choose Exciting Topics


People do not like reading complex things and jargon. Therefore, optimizing your content is advantageous. The list of your topics should be diverse. Additionally, it should cover interesting or current trends within your locality. You may also include case studies and testimonials to increase blog traffic. However, tackle a topic on which you have sufficient knowledge.


Careful selection of topics will have a direct impact on the impression of your visitors. If visitors find that the topics are well covered and are laced with fascinating facts, they will likely revisit your blog or bookmark it. Besides, it is wise to balance current trends and topics that will stay relevant for long. The topics covering current trends will light the fire, and the topics on long-term issues will keep the fire burning.


6. Post New Content Regularly


Constant new content is among the top tips to keep your blog active. People want to read new stuff. Adding new posts on a regular basis will help in maintaining active users besides attracting more people.


To successfully add to your content, you need to set apart time to write, probably every day or every week. Writing for 30 minutes early in the morning on most days of the week will help you achieve your goals.


In addition, make a list of titles you will be writing about and take time to think about them. Sometimes they do not have to be fascinating topics. Since you have a lot of content in your blog, visitors will pick what they want.


During the writing step, make sure you consider the blog’s length, engagement, and readability. Thus, it is prudent to correct all grammar and sentence stricture mistakes. Besides, it would help if you made your blog relevant to the title.


It is prudent to prepare for emergencies or inconveniences in life. Sometimes you may not be in a position to write the articles. Therefore, hiring a person to create content for you may be the best option in such circumstances.


A thriving, active blog is a result of relentless effort and wise reflections. If you continuously write amazing content and keep close contact with your audience, you will likely maintain your blog. Besides, following formatting rules will give you an edge as your blog site will be SEO-friendly.