How to Integrate Augmented Reality into WooCommerce Site

See examples of industry leaders and then learn how to integrate augmented reality into your own WooCommerce website for better engagement.

How to Integrate Augmented Reality into WooCommerce Site

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WordPress is the most used CMS in the world, shouldn’t you be able to take advantage of augmented reality too?

Since its first appearance in 2003, WordPress has gained a lot of notoriety. It is a deserved reputation. Since approximately 40% of the Internet is powered by this CMS software. It’s high time that WP websites catch up to the Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, and Xtended Reality trend, which is definitely here to stay. We have already seen some prime examples of Augmented Reality in movie and tv adaptations, which has merely shown us the myriad of possibilities the technology has to offer us. 


Early adopters of the technology can gain an edge over other businesses by integrating augmented reality into their websites. The Education Industry and Medical Industries have all shifted their focus to these technologies. The tech that can simplify complex processes making their task significantly easier. Businesses can take their lead and make complete use of this nascent technology by integrating it with their WooCommerce Sites or creating applications that support Augmented Reality Features.


We’re going to take a look at a few examples that shed light on how Augmented Reality has helped industry leading organizations to stay in the lead. Then we’re going to look at how you can integrate augmented reality into your own site.

Why should you Integrate Augmented Reality into WP WooCommerce Site?


We have four successfully implemented website and app integrations of Augmented Reality to show you.


The first two are leading home improvement depots and a furnishing shopping brand, Home Depot and IkeaPlace. Both these brands have successfully integrated AR within their application and websites, giving customers the luxury to make the perfect choice for their home. 


Using a smartphone, a customer can place the apps from these stores in their home. They can move it around countless times without breaking a sweat and find the right colour to match their carpets. The efficiency of the app leads to happier customers and quicker sales.



       Home Depot                                                               IkeaPlace












These two examples are famous Makeup brands, Sephora and Loreal, which have made progress with AR integration with their websites and applications. 


Sephora acquired the Modiface app and has added its collection of lip colours and makeup products to it. Users can directly purchase the product from the app. Loreal has equally made a lot of sales by partnering with Amazon for this project. Customers can now try out Loreal lip colours and lipstick on They have also shared dummy images so that customers can compare. It has been beneficial to both Amazon and Loreal. 


       Sephora’s Virtual Artist                   Amazon-Loreal
















Other examples of successfully integrating Augmented reality include Nike, Warby Parker, and Magnolia Market.


Benefits of Augmented Reality Integration:

  • Don’t have to wait around for customers to grace your shop. You can take your WooCommerce store to their doors.
  • With Immersive Reality, you have an effective marketing tool. Think back to the time when Pokemon Go did the impossible and got introverts to leave their home in search of an AR pokemon.
  • Children websites can create a vibrant and life-like experience through VR, allowing students to experience the joy of doing things in VR, such as colouring.
  • Businesses can branch out their products, an example of which would be designing vehicle front screens, head-mounted displays, and sunglasses that are capable of displaying situation data on demand.

How to Integrate Augmented Reality into your WordPress shop:



  • 3D models of your products can be projected or overlaid over reality through a smartphone camera or other medium. If you don’t have them, you can procure the services of a Web agency that specializes in AR.
  • FTP Client (optional), get hosting credentials


Step 1: Login to with your credentials.

Step 2: Find the Plugins options on the Dashboard. Once you have selected the option, type AR for Woocommerce in the search bar and hit enter. 

Or you could just navigate to the following plugin link.


AR for Woocommerce

ar for woocommerce

Step 3: Download the Augmented Reality Plugin to your computer.


3.1] Extract the zip, and upload the file to your wordpress directory. 


Path for the wordpress Directory: /wp-content/plugins/ directory


To follow this method, you’ll need to connect your WordPress website’s server using FTP. 


  1. Use a free or premium FTP client software that will connect your computer to the host server so that you can upload the file.
  2. Login to the FTP client software with your credentials, which are provided by your hosting providers. 
  3. Using the FTP client, upload the file to the Plugins folder.
  4. Once done, go back to the WordPress Dashboard, find the uploaded AR plugin and activate it.


3.2] Once you extract the zip file, you can simply upload the Plugin with the synonymous buttons next to the Add Plugins section as follows:

Once the installation is complete, activate the plugin.


Augmented Reality and 3D visualizer for Woocommerce is another free plugin that you can integrate into your WP WooCommerce Site. Since these are only the plugins available, you could get your own custom Augmented plugin, tailored to your preferences, made by a trusted Augmented Reality Developer.