How to Increase Your Web Traffic in 3 Simple Steps

A successful website needs traffic and this post will cover the 3 keys to increase your web traffic by building your brand and increasing your search engine rankings.


How to Increase Your Web Traffic in 3 Simple Steps

Building a successful website doesn’t stop once you’ve set up landing pages to showcase your products and services. To build a successful website it’s imperative that you keep it up to date with interesting and relevant content in order to increase your web traffic. Indeed, the primary driver of traffic to your site in this hyper-connected age is to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking, and therefore reach more people online. This article introduces you to the three main ways you can do this to your site.


1. Implement a Social Media Strategy


If your social media strategy relies on an ever-changing intern who is tasked with managing multiple social platforms, then it is clear your company has no strategy. Social media is not a cute accessory for a business and should never be treated as an afterthought – not just because it affects your SEO performance, but because it is often the first place people will look for evidence that a brand is well-liked.


If you run a variety of lackluster social media accounts, then it could actually be doing more harm than good to your brand as people could stumble upon a bare Twitter account and come to the incorrect conclusion that your company is unpopular, when in actuality you have been neglecting a low-cost marketing opportunity. It is best to employ a professional to give regular consultations when it comes to the social sphere as they can help to implement a rigid social strategy for your company.


2. Nurture Your SEO Ranking


Even if your company is currently at the top of a search engine, it may not always be the case. Search engines are constantly adapting and altering their analysis of what makes ‘good’ content and what constitutes ‘bad’ content, and it is, therefore, advisable to consult an SEO agency Birmingham for a bespoke service. Expectations from web users are constantly changing, too. To keep up with the trends of SEO, it is important to maintain basic standards on your website, in addition to regularly maintaining and updating your site:


  • Ensure that you meet the W3C standards – accessibility matters, and if you do not conform to the W3C consortium then your website will be penalized by search engines.
  • Keep content relevantregularly upload blog posts, web-optimized, and mobile-optimized videos and photos.
  • Analyze your progress – make sure you are keeping track of the peaks and troughs of your SEO performance. There are a wide variety of software products and apps that can assist with this.


3. Demonstrate Your Brand’s Authenticity


If pictures speak a thousand words, videos are imperative to creating a narrative for your brand and engaging with clients (and potential clients). They do a brilliant job of boosting your SEO rankings, too. There is a growing demand from consumers to want to understand a company’s ethical values, and as such you should utilize interactive elements for your site, to engage with customers. One effective, cheap, and easy way to do this is by running a blog through your site to engage people in written content and show off your knowledge and skills.


There you have it: three simple ways to increase your web traffic – and a boost for your SEO ranking as a result.