How to Increase Organic Traffic | 10 Smart SEO Tips

Are you wondering how to increase organic traffic to your site, but are left wondering if it’s worth the investment of both time and money?

How to Increase Organic Traffic a fresh perspective

Ratatouille (2007)

Maybe it’s time to start viewing “organic traffic” with a fresh perspective.

Do you know where your conversions are coming from?

Do you even care where your traffic comes from as long as it’s converting?

Maybe not, but it’s important to understand where your website traffic is coming from as well as what channels convert for you.

The term organic refers to unpaid search results, thus it includes the people who frequent a website following these unpaid search results. In most cases, these people are referred to a certain website by a search engine as opposed to directly visiting the website.

The important thing to keep in mind is the long term ROI generated by organic traffic.

One way to increase organic traffic to a website is by availing interesting, relevant and captivating content on the website and blogs. However, there is a myriad of ways to improve organic search which automatically increases organic traffic to a website, most of which are encompassed in search engine optimization strategies.


It is important to note the end goal for improving organic search is to increase revenue for websites, with more than half of revenue and web traffic originating from organic search.

Below we’ll look at some of the best ways of developing a good content marketing strategy to increase organic traffic:


1. Take note of non-performing content


Content that that does not get leads from search engines to your website does very little in regards to the generation of revenue, and it should be eliminated. This gives search engines a leeway to pop in websites that have quality content as opposed to those with content that may not be of interest.


2. Capitalize on backlinks for your website


Even as you strive to choose the right SEO services to achieve your digital marketing goals, you need to ensure that you have the necessary backlinks to your website from various websites.


This then calls for an analysis of the backlinks. They have to be from relevant websites in your industry and within the context. These links must not be automatically generated and have to from a trusted domain.


It is also important to take cognisance of the fact that bad backlinks are detrimental to organic traffic, thus as you develop your content marketing strategy, bad links have to be removed as they may affect your rank with various search engines.


3. Feedback from clients


Aside from choosing right services from an SEO company for your digital marketing goals, it is important to have questions and answers for your website, and they should be backed by comprehensives response in form of blogs rather than direct responses to the users on email.


This is because similar questions are bound to come up in future from different clients and users on the search engine. Having comprehensive answers could mean that your website will appear among the first in the results.


4. Check Analytic Reports


One sure way of improving organic search is by keeping track of the number of times your pages appear on search engines by getting analytic reports from search engines.


You can improve organic search by ensuring that you pay undivided attention to relevant keywords. Some client search for particular products, others seek information, and a significant majority seek information that may lead to a sale.


All these clients will use certain keywords to find the information they are looking for. Keyword research is significant in ensuring that you use the most popular phrases in search engines as you develop your content marketing strategy.


These keywords should be in strategic positions in your blogs and articles as they will help you increase organic traffic to websites. For instance, the keywords should form important titles, descriptions and appear in the first paragraphs.


5. Speed of your Website


Speed is an important factor to consider when trying to increase organic traffic to your site. Below is how low speeds are detrimental to the generation of revenue by a website:


  • Many people lack patience when a website takes long to load and will simply exit the site.
  • A significant percentage of online shoppers never go back to a website that gave them trouble previously.


The aforementioned only means that to increase organic traffic to your website, the speed of the web pages has to be checked.


6. Get your website on existing community


You should make frequent contributions to other websites in your area of expertise as this will earn you reference traffic. Good platforms include Quora and Reddit. It is, however, important to be wary of making contributions to sites of a lower cadre as this may be detrimental to your website.


7. Create quality content


Good content will help you generate lots of backlinks and social media shares. The posts and articles you create need to outshine those done by your competitors. Therefore stop writing for the sake of publishing new content frequently and emphasize on quality and you will improve organic search significantly. It is also worth noting that people will stay on your site for longer periods if you create high-quality content.


8. Site Design


A confusing web design is a setback.

Every person that’s ever used the Internet is well aware of the frustration of landing on a page that is counter-intuitive.

The path of a user must be designed, so that fits the right scenario. To optimize your site in accordance with your expectations and the user’s comfort, you need to focus on user experience.


When people leave your website immediately, this signals search engines that your content may not be up to snuff and consequently they may not rank your website highly. Improve your site by ensuring a seamless flow from a category to a subcategory and links. Also, the site should not contain too many images and colors as that can worsen the user experience.


9. Monitor your progress


Despite the milestones in increasing organic traffic to a website, improved organic search, and the development of content marketing strategy, you should keep checking your progress by use of SEO tools. This should be done every week to determine the highs and lows of your strategy. You should also create a remedy for the respective outcome.


10. Knowledge


Improve your knowledge on backlinks gradually through tutorials and short courses to know the kind of techniques that best suit your website. By acquainting yourself from time to time, you will be in a position to equip your website with unique and SEO friendly content and thus grow organic traffic and generate revenue.




It is important to increase organic traffic to a website. To achieve this, you should align your website with search engines. It is important to do away with content that plays no part in attracting organic traffic, and you should also avoid tricks like keyword stuffing.


You should also pay attention to the speed and design of your site since those can easily affect your traffic. Make sure you keep monitoring your progress as the metrics will help you determine what works and what does not work.