How To Improve Your PPC Lead Quality

It’s easy to get clicks, but by learning how to improve your PPC lead quality you can reduce ad spend and more accurately target higher quality customers, keep reading.

Improve Your PPC Lead Quality

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Do you run PPC Ads?

Do you get a lot of calls that just aren’t relevant to your business?

Well, if you do this post will help you turn that problem around.

Pay-per-click or PPC is an advertising method where you pay for an advertisement only if someone clicked on it. Different businesses use different tactics and strategies to market their products and services. Almost all advertising companies use PPC advertising to generate leads. Depending on the methods, platforms, and strategies used, the advertising can be successful. Due to incompetent advertising tactics, a lot of businesses fail to generate high-quality leads. 

Sure, a data analytics consulting agency can help you plan your ads and get high-quality leads. But you should understand how your PPC ads work and what to pay attention to in order to improve the quality of your PPC leads.

What To Know About PPC Ads

Before we jump into these tips on how to improve your PPC lead quality, you need to know more about PPC ads to work on them and improve them. Your pay-per-click ads are served on different platforms and through different marketing channels.

A person looks at your ad and clicks on it, landing on your sales page. This person is now a lead. It doesn’t mean that the person is your customer; not yet. There are a lot of leads that don’t give you any business. Making your ad very relevant to your landing page is important. If your landing page is less promising or gives a slightly different message than what your PPC ads said, your lead can just turn off. This will break the person’s journey to becoming your customer. So, the first rule is to have the PPC ad and the landing page aligned to each other to the maximum extent possible.

Getting a high-quality lead

Doing more and more PPC is not going to bring you high-quality leads. A high-quality lead is one that has more tendency to result in a sale. All the leads you generate will bring you prospects where the high-quality leads will bring the actual paying customers.

You have to be concerned about the conversion rate. Based on your learning, experience, and data, you have to fine-tune the PPC ad and do some experiments to see what kind of ad would work better for your business. If you are new to PPC and couldn’t make up your mind, then you might want to consider what your competitors are doing. Observing a few of their PPC campaigns can help you. You can also hire a data analytics consulting agency to do this task for you.

You have to focus on 4 different things to improve your PPC lead quality.

1. Click through rate and keywords

Click through rate



Once you have defined your ads and then run your ads, you will probably see a few keywords that are not bringing in a lot of leads. It doesn’t mean that those keywords are useless. Many businesses do the wrong thing by switching off these keywords. It is not necessarily the number of clicks a keyword got, but the number of sales that a keyword got that indicates its true value.

For instance, you might have a keyword that got clicked 100 times and another keyword done only 10 times. But if the second keyword made two sales and the first one did only one, then clearly, the second keyword has performed better sales for you. Don’t just switch off a keyword because it has a lower click volume. 

What you will probably find is that the lower search volume term actually had a higher CTR or click through rate. This is often true for longer keywords farther down the conversion funnel yielding a higher PPC lead quality.

2. Quantified value of leads

Numbers matter. Have a clear accounting of the amount you paid for advertising and the amount of income the advertising brought you in. This is not about keywords. You might have different marketing channels through which you do the advertising. You will also get leads and sales. Keep a clear track of how much sales and revenue have you had through which marketing channels to understand your return on ad spend. Click here for more insight on that topic.

3. Tracking of all your leads and their origins

You as a business must have a customer relations management tool or method. What you need to do is to track all the conversions that came through your leads and all the leads that came through your advertising.

PPC leads and attribution

The attribution of sales to a particular PPC ad is important. You should be able to coin data together to know this. The problem is that most businesses don’t have enough data so that they miss the attribution and make wrong decisions due to lack of information. To take an informed decision, you will need the data necessary to give you the information. This is where a data analytics consulting agency can help you. 

There are different types of tools to track these for you. Google Analytics also has a function called goals. You can write your own code to do this as well. You need to have a thorough tracking of which ads created which leads, and which leads created which sales. The sales will clearly indicate your customers and you will have to integrate them into your customer relations management system. You can hire a data analytics consulting agency to do this as well. 

4. A summary of customer interaction and leads

A customer doesn’t necessarily become a customer on the first shot. There are a few people that get across your ads through different channels for a long time before making a purchase. Until they make a purchase, they are all leads and potential customers, not actual customers yet. You need to have a full customer journey recorded to see what the customer has done and been through before becoming your customer. You can devise a better strategy based on your customer journey to make sure and improve the quality of your PPC leads. 


Challenges in Understanding PPC Lead Quality

There are several challenges in understanding the quality of the leads your PPC ads are bringing in. 

  • Tracking the ads that created a lead: incoming calls and chat messages, submitting forms, and other communications.
  • Understanding the correlation between the volume, quality and success of the marketing campaigns. You have no idea about this. Sometimes high volumes trick you believe in wrong anticipations. 
  • Why do a few leads generate better revenue? Sometimes, there are leads that generate high revenue than others. A few leads are making high-quality and high-value sales. You have no idea why the other leads are not making that kind of sale.
  • Are the leads coming in due to your ads or are they influenced by something else and are finally coming through your PPC ads?
  • Are your leads coming through other sources because they were impressed by your PPC ads in the first place?

You have to try and understand these things to address the challenges of PPC lead quality. If you overcome these challenges, then you will be on your way to making good-quality leads through your PPC ads. If you feel like you don’t have the resources, tools, or knowledge to handle all the challenges, then you can outsource the task to a data analytics consulting agency. For more insight on how to setup high-converting PPC ads or lead generation be sure to check out some of the other posts on this site.