Knowing how to identify and deal with a bad web design client is an art form.

Dealing with the occasional “Bad Client” is par for the course with web design, as it is in any industry. As web designers we’ve all come across those special few whose time spent with us just seems to linger like a bad penny. One of our designers came across this infographic titled, “The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client” and we just had to share it. I’m sure that many of our designer friends will get a chuckle out of this if they haven’t already seen it.

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In this infographic provided by Top Web Design Schools, we can take a look at the anatomy of a horrible web design client and how these clients are feared by web designers. It also covers a few tips to avoid clients who won’t pay and some interesting statistics about web designers. Personally, I want to know who is making $80,000 a year as a web designer, and what I’m doing wrong!



Have you had any experience with a bad web design client? Have you been a bad client without even realizing it? Share your stories!

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