How to Handle Job Uncertainty during Coronavirus Concerns

The past several weeks have been some of the most uncomfortable and uncertain weeks of many of our lives, so how do you deal with job uncertainty during this Coronavirus climate?

How to Handle Job Uncertainty

The deadly virus COVID 19 has changed things a great deal and so much is now beyond our control. Almost every aspect of life is on a standstill as we get filled with a lot of uncertainties, including job uncertainty.

This is hugely affecting us because as human beings, we want to always feel safe and secure in every aspect of life. The thoughts of not having control over our lives can be emotionally unhealthy, draining our thoughts and energies.

The biggest question is how do we cope?

We can handle it if we change our mindsets. Let us have a look at how we can cope with job uncertainty during this time.


How To Cope If You Have Lost Your Job


No one ever wants to lose a job or to have the usual income go down for any reason. During this crisis, we understand that both the employed and self-employed people are on the losing end. It is quite emotionally draining to see businesses close or slow down and employees going home to find themselves without anywhere else to turn to. Losing a job means losing the sense of financial security and as a result, people tend to feel angry, numb, confused, and uncertain about their tomorrow. These feelings might come with different reactions such as fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, restlessness, and even take you as far as feeling suicidal among other reactions.

This is what you need to do to cope with joblessness:


  • For the sake of your mental health, keep in mind that it is okay to feel uncertain about tomorrow. Do not panic so much.
  • Just be patient and remind yourself that coping with the negative feelings has to take some time.
  • Remain positive and if it is hard to do it yourself, find a friend or someone close to you in the family to talk to.
  • If you had a self employed insurance or unemployment insurance, it is time to file your claims to cope up with financial setbacks.
  • Hold on to your strength, if you have ever succeeded past a difficult time, this is where you need to draw some new strength.
  • For those who have other medical conditions that could contribute to feeling more stressed, consult your doctor or a counsellor for support on how to handle it.


How To Cope If You Are Still Working


Whether you are employed, a business owner, a CEO, or a manager, it is crucial to understand that it will not be easy for you at the workplace. Understand that it is alright to feel unsettled in whatever position you are holding. This is a time that business management skills could paralyze and make you feel like you are failing in what you do. Mental health is very important at this time, and you can achieve it by doing the following:


  • Try to monitor all the possible signs of poor mental health coming from you or your employees and address them immediately.
  • Stretch out to mentors and workmates for each other’s support.
  • Focus on what you can control and leave what you cannot. During this epidemic, what was achievable could become so hard to achieve. Let what is beyond you be.
  • Do not overwork, keep your working hours as normal as possible, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • It is important to eat healthily, sleep well, and work out to stay physically fit.
  • Do not stay much on technology but make sure that you stay on check with the outside interests.
  • It is okay to seek help or assistance where necessary


When It Comes To Your Employees:


  • Make sure that you maintain strong communication with all employees including the remote workers at all times
  • Keep updating them about the pandemic’s impact on your business and the steps you have or are going to take as the management
  • If you have a support mechanism for your employees in place, ensure that they are aware of it
  • Have conversations with your workers and encourage them to seek support whenever they need it.
  • It is your role to maintain a healthy workplace but do not give out too much that you forget to take care of yourself too.
  • Maintain a working environment whereby you and your colleagues are each other’s support system.


How To Work From Home With Coronavirus Epidemic


The pandemic has forced many to leave their offices and start working from home. Despite the challenges that come with it, it is the safest method of working during such a time. The epidemic has affected the flow of work for freelancers too who were thought to be on the safe side.

If you need to productively work from home, you should:


  • Set your working place appropriately by getting a comfortable chair and setting up your computer accordingly.
  • Set time limits to ensure you maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Remind your workers of the importance of working in ways that are healthy to their minds. Overworking minds with this kind of situation to handle can be mentally unhealthy.
  • Stay in touch daily with the manager and your colleagues.
  • Make sure you wake up early, put everything in order, shower, and dress appropriately to start the day as you used to.
  • Do not get stuck to the chair all day, give yourself some breaks and move around. If you want to go outside the compound, make sure you do it responsibly.
  • As a manager or an employer, hold virtual meetings with your workers from time to time to keep things running well.
  • Make sure you stay factually updated about the pandemic and the outside world as well.


Final Thought


You are not alone. Everyone is in distress and anxious during this time. The main and important thing to do is to focus on your wellbeing and work with what is within your control. Be positive, play on your strengths, encourage positive vibes, stay updated, and most importantly seek support. Remember to focus on you while you are focusing on others too.