How to Grow Your Law Practice Using Content Marketing

The great thing about content marketing is that every niche can capitalize on it, find out how to grow your law practicer here.

How to Grow Your Law Practice

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Modern organizations can’t overlook content marketing as a way to scale. That also goes for law practices. Knowing how saturated the legal world is right now, firms and solo practitioners need to enhance their visibility in a bid to gain more clients.

Through content marketing, lawyers can build their credibility and generate traffic. It’s a process that opens up new opportunities for them to leverage. Then again, not many practitioners are equipped with the right knowledge and tools for running a content marketing campaign that delivers the best possible results.

That doesn’t mean you can’t apply a few important tricks for using content to market your practice. Here are the most basic ones you might want to try out:

1. Invest in your social presence

What law firm doesn’t use social media to promote legal services? Since global social media usage is constantly rising, there’s a high chance you will find potential clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter using the right strategy. 

If you are looking for law firm marketing ideas that generate more leads and even more conversions through social media, consider creating sponsored posts and running in-feed ads that are targeted to your audience. 

2. Double down on visual content

A legal blog is a must-have for any attorney or law firm. Then again, text content isn’t the only way you can raise awareness, educate your audience, and build your influence. You will need to balance these out with visual content such as infographics and videos.

These are great if you want to talk about complicated legal concepts. Visual content is easy to understand and highly engaging. They allow you to condense technical information into understandable language. Moreover, in case your audience wants more details about the topic, you can add a link to a thousand-word article. 

3. Send out lead nurture emails

What do you do to leads who keep coming to your website? There’s a good chance that these people could be interested in seeking out legal advice. To nudge them towards scheduling a consultation, have them sign up for a newsletter and send them emails containing valuable legal advice and updates regarding your firm. 

For your newsletter campaign, make sure to segment your mailing list into different segments based on the legal services you offer. Separating business owners who need help with corporate governance from injured employees in worker’s comp disputes should help you create relevant newsletters for each segment.

4. Develop additional resources

When it comes to creating content, there has to be a healthy balance between quality and quantity. Apart from blogging and social media, you can also explore other ideas that will propel your legal practice forward.

For this, you will need to prepare a collection of resources that add value to your practice and show clients how ready you are in helping them with their legal problems. Just make sure to organize these assets in a single location for easy and quick access.


There are lots of factors that influence the growth of your law practice and being able to promote your services is one of them. Make the most of your content marketing campaign by applying these simple improvements.