How to Give Your Brand a Much Needed Refresh in 2021

Refresh, rebrand, revitalization – whatever you call it, there will come a time when your brand needs to be updated in one way or another.

brand refresh

Photo by Ludomił Sawicki on Unsplash

The truth is, your brand will always need to be tweaked and adjusted as you go. With a world in flux and trends coming and going faster than you can blink, it’s only natural that brands need to refresh to keep up. 

Don’t think of your brand and company as a rock, steady and strong.

Think of it instead like the sea vessel that will carry you from one milestone to another. Adaptability is one of the essential characteristics for any brand, but don’t worry if you haven’t built up your company with adaptability in mind. Instead, use this guide to help you understand when your brand needs a refresh and, more importantly, how to go about it successfully. 


Audit Your Business 


The first step is to understand where your business is failing. If you don’t do this, you can end up spending a lot of time and money fixing an issue where one didn’t exist. Not only is this process wasteful, but you’ll also still have the same issues dragging you down. Auditing your business means checking it over, engaging with it, and using engagement metrics to understand where customers seem to be dropping off. 


  • For Design 


Design can be very difficult to audit correctly, so it’s better to think less in terms of what you’ve done wrong and instead what could be better. Have a list of ideas that you like for your business based on your competition, and be open to ideas and suggestions from design agencies or web developers. Specialists, in particular, are great people to rely on, as they will have a greater wealth of inspiration to draw from and have a better eye for design and the design elements that will help your business shine. 


  • For User-friendliness 


User-friendliness is another thing that a web developer can help you with, but it is important to know how to audit this for yourself. User-friendliness, after all, has two goals. One is to entice users to engage and gives them unique features that they like to use. The second goal is to just make sure that all the buttons, links, and tools actually work. 

Leave the first goal to the web developer. The second, however, you should do for yourself. Create a list of tasks and steps to take during this audit. This way, you can have any one of your employees check that the functionality of your new site and features are working correctly. 


  • For Engagement


Engagement can feel difficult to audit, and if you don’t have a marketing expert on your team, then a great alternative is to instead hire a relevant agency. For engagement, in particular, you will want to look for a conversion rate agency, such as Converted CRO agency. For example, they will audit your site’s engagement and how to improve your conversion rate. 


CRO is one of the best ways to audit and improve engagement because, in most instances, you will increase your business by drawing in customers from elsewhere online. This could be social media, or Google, an email, or even a third-party site. There will be very few customers who visit your website and buy from you without any prompting whatsoever. 


  • For SEO 


SEO should be audited and updated several times a year. It may seem like you have just done it, but it is important to note that Google developers will update their algorithm on average once or twice every single day. Big updates are more obvious and easier to follow, but over time those little updates will make just as much of an impact. Following white-hat practices is not enough. You need to update your content and website regularly to take advantage of the latest opportunities in regards to SEO. 


How to Invest in Changes 


Your business is already up and running, and you cannot just take it down while you work to implement all the changes that have been recommended to you. Instead, you will need to make minor changes as you go. 


Since you need to take your update step by step, it’s a good idea to create a list. Start with the most important components that need attention and work down in order of importance. Updating your website and branding is a good place to start, for example, but updating the stickers you use on your product packaging can take a back seat until the rest has been handled. 

This is how you can improve your budget as well. As time goes on, you may find that the ideas you had lower down in your list aren’t important enough to invest in, thus saving you money in the long run. 


Making the Necessary Adjustment to Your Marketing Tone of Voice 

How you look and even how you function as a business is a big part of any brand revamp, but so too is how you market those differences. Your marketing tone of voice is how customers hear you, and it should be updated to reflect your new changes. 


If you are opting for a more user-friendly, approachable look and feel, then you need your tone and voice to adjust as well. You cannot use the same cold, professional tone that you did before. 


Content writers can usually pick up on the changes and reflect your new look accurately, but you will want to adjust as you go. Your tone of voice as a business is the glue that puts your business together. It is how you directly communicate to your customers, and effort should go into developing the voice that suits your business and connects with your customers best. 


Your business has a face. It has a voice. It also has a personality. Work with the relevant professionals to build your business from the ground up, and you’ll have a refreshed, revamped business in no time.