How to Employ Remote Digital Marketers

Efficiency is essential for any new business, learn how to employ remote digital marketers to drive new business while saving money on full-time costs of employees.

Employ Remote Digital Marketers

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Recruiting skilled marketers for digital marketing campaigns can be really frustrating. There are lots of different skills you have to take care of.

Moreover, candidates might have many different personality traits that you have to consider before employment.

So you need a systematic way of assessment to recruit the best staff for your team.

Thanks to new technologies, you can assess and employ digital marketers from across the world. 

You just need to know a good online testing platform to assess the candidates in terms of all the requirements.

Advantages of Employing Remote Staff

First, it’s good to know the benefits of working remotely.

Lower Costs

Not having a physical office can save businesses a lot of money. There is no need for leased or building maintenance costs since you have a remote workforce. In some cities, you also don’t have to spend money on employee parking and transportation costs.

More diverse workforce

Remote teams are frequently more diverse because they are open to more than just a single place. Companies may look for new high-quality employees globally and frequently find them.

Each employee has their own viewpoint, which may be utilized to enhance team performance in a multi-site environment.

More productivity

People who work remotely can gain more productivity by working from home. For remote workers, there are several internet tools that help them to be more productive.

The Best Online Assessment Platforms to Test and Employ Remote Digital Marketers

Here are the top online testing platforms you can use to choose the best digital marketers for your campaigns.


This is one of the most recent and, of course, greatest pre-employment assessment methods available. They say that they can help you recruit the best employees for free. As a result, you may expect to expand your job recruitment process to identify the best candidates for each role.


Small businesses make the best hiring decisions using Testlify to assist startups and entrepreneurs in navigating the hiring process.

Professionals create a custom question bank for each candidate and use each test to evaluate the quality of their performance based on their job abilities. They ensure all qualified applicants can proceed to the interview stage by providing standard scores for different exams.


In one platform, Devskiller offers online interviews and screening for developers. They allow you to test different programming languages, libraries, and frameworks.

A Test Wizard is one of their tools that will allow you to prove your programming skills based on a job description.

Mercer Mettl

Mercer Mettl has a good reputation in the job market as an internet testing platform. Recruiters can use this comprehensive tool to assess a prospective employee’s important abilities.

This online platform employs powerful supervisory technology to rate candidates’ abilities and assess their most important traits. 

Special abilities, coding abilities, personality qualities, behavioral habits, communications abilities, cognitive abilities, and problem-solving talents may all be assessed using this comprehensive assessment. On this online testing platform, there are several other tests available.


For web-based testing, Hireselect is the finest resource. There are several aptitude tests available on this platform. Essential skill exams (typing, numerical entry, and personality assessments) are also available. Both big and small businesses may benefit from this online testing tool.

From correctional guards to loan officers, human resource officers, warehouse managers, and more than 1100 jobs, HireSelect offers evaluations.


Hundreds of online reviews by teachers and professional reviewers alike have given Socrative one of the highest ratings among assessment tools for teachers.

Teachers may pick from quick questions for immediate feedback; class counts to determine who’s logged in, or full quizzes for further understanding with the help of this interactive digital tool.

This versatile tool allows you to create polls and activities and shuffle questions with or without student names attached.

Quizzes are stored for reuse with other groups and are graded in real-time. On MS Windows, Android, and iOS, it works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. It’s easy to use, versatile, and well-aligned with Common Core. It’s completely free for students.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a fantastic online assessment platform for education because of the following reasons: The ability to use a tool is easier. Because it is quick and easy to create and grade quizzes, Google Forms is a favorite among instructors.

Make a simple answer key for each question by creating multiple-choice quizzes or short-answer quizzes.

Students may click a drop-down, write a quick answer, or upload a brief YouTube video to Google to respond to queries. For a quick bird’s-eye view of the class as a whole, teachers can see graphs and summaries of frequently missed answers.

Digital Marketing Roles You Can Fill with Remote Colleagues

Here are the roles that are best for remote workers. So you’d better focus on them when employing remote digital marketers.

Digital Marketing Executive

The online marketing strategy of a company is overseen by digital marketing executives. Digital marketing initiatives (e.g., email) are planned and executed. In addition, they create, keep, and supply material for the company’s website.  

Digital Marketing Analyst

To raise the profile of their company’s online content, a digital marketing analyst combines search engine optimization and link-building skills.

SEO Specialist/Analyst/Executive

According to Google’s SEO standards, an SEO or Search Engine Optimization specialist reviews, analyzes, and implements modifications to the website. Their objective is to send the most traffic to a web page by improving that page’s rankings within search engines.

Social Media Marketing Specialist/Executive/Analyst

A company’s social media presence is managed by a social media marketer. This includes responding to questions and responding to feedback on the firm’s social media pages. On various social media accounts, they also conduct campaigns. 

Content Marketing Specialist/Executive

Content marketers help businesses create engaging websites by creating effective web content for consumers. A site grows and increases in page ranking as users appreciate its material.


Remote working can be really beneficial for digital marketing agencies. Of course, choosing the best team members without even seeing them can be a bit tricky. So it’s good to use a systematic assessment procedure to choose the best options. Try to use online testing systems when employing remote digital marketers.