How to Edit Videos on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Wondering how to edit videos on your Samsung Galaxy Phones? We have the perfect App and editing tips in this post.

Edit Videos on Samsung


Do you want to edit your videos on your phone? There is a good in-built app you can use on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Click here to read editing tips.


How to Edit Videos on Samsung Galaxy Phones


Do you want to edit your own videos from your smartphone?

Of course you do. Your Samsung can shoot amazing video and whether you want to take video for fun or amazing product videos — you can. Don’t worry, you don’t have to share the video to your computer and export your content. Instead, you can choose to edit it right on your smartphone. This makes the whole process a lot more efficient, especially if you’re uploading directly to YouTube or another channel.

But, if you are new to Samsung Galaxy phones you might not be aware of the best ways to edit your videos. Well, there is a lot you can do since the built-in video editor is advanced and has some cool features. This post is going to walk you through how to edit videos on Samsung Galaxies.



Launch the Samsung Gallery App


First of all, you need to know how you can get started with editing a video. Well, the first place you want to go is to the Gallery app. This is going to allow you to select the video that you want to edit. So, make sure that you locate and tap on this video from the app. Then, you can click on the Pencil icon to get started. This is going to allow you to start the editing process.


Trim the Video


Trimming excess video is typically the first thing you’ll want to do. This is something that you can easily do on your Samsung Galaxy phone. In order to do this, find the scissor icon. Just as this suggests, you can cut away the footage that you do not want. There is a timeline and you can move the bars to capture the moments you want in your video. It is as simple as that.


Adding Your Own Text

Sometimes, a video is not enough and it can be beneficial to add text over it. This can add some context and help viewers understand what is going on. There is a text tool you can use, as well as being able to add emojis and different stickers and symbols. Just make sure that you do not make the video too crowded and distract the viewer from the content of the video.


It is important to note at this point that it is not easy to shoot and edit a video. If you find that you struggle to edit on the Samsung Galaxy, there is royalty free stock footage you can use instead. This might be better for your project if you cannot get the video right on the in-built editor.

Add Music to the Background


Do you want to create a video with music in the background rather than voices? Perhaps you are making a short advertising video or even a fun clip for social media. Sometimes, you would rather capture a moment and pair it with powerful music. Well, this is definitely something that you can do from your Samsung Galaxy. To get started, you should find the speaker icon in the left corner of your screen at the bottom. There is going to be a further button to hit, which will read ‘add background music.’


What we love is that there is a music library you can scroll through and explore. It is free to choose this music. Alternatively, if you already have a song or music in mind for your video, you can use the plus icon to add sound that is already on your device.


Have Fun with Filters


Sometimes, it can be fun to add filters to your video. Imagine you have shot a video but the lighting was not correct or the color did not come out as good as you thought it would. This can be disappointing and you might be contemplating shooting the whole video again. But, before you do this, play around with the editing software. There is maybe something you can do to improve the video so that you are happy with it.


In particular, you can apply a filter. This might improve the vibrancy of the video and make sure that you like how it looks. There is a filter icon on the menu bar and this is going to give you a variety you can choose from. Once you have selected one, you can choose the strength you want to use.

Get Creative and Draw


If you are feeling creative, you can also choose to draw on your video using the in-built editing app. This might be just what your video needs. In order to do this, you want to click the smiley icon. From here, there are going to be different choices of pen you can use to draw. You can select different colors and have some fun. This process can be quite difficult. So, we would recommend getting used to drawing on your screen first before trying to edit the video. This will ensure the best results.