How to Create the Perfect At-Home Office

Working from home has many challenges, these tips on creating the perfect at-home work space will help you focus more on business and less on distractions.


If you work from home, you know that finding the time and space to devote to your business can be a tricky task fraught with many obstacles and challenges. Distractions, tight spaces, and connectivity issues are all more commonplace for at-home businesses than for traditional offices. Fortunately, we at Modernize have a few tips and tricks to help you overcome some of these hurdles. Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider when creating the perfect at-home office.


Designate work space

Creating a workspace that is separate from your home life is an essential part of working from home, but it can prove difficult for those of business owners and employees with families and less than ideal working conditions. A separate office is ideal for at-home work, but if absolutely necessary, you can make do with a quiet corner of your home. Set strict physical and verbal boundaries with this space by strategically placing furniture and displaying office hours, letting everyone around you know that this is your office and should be treated as such whenever possible.

designate work space

Eliminate clutter

Organization is key to a productive at-home work space, so make use of filing systems, labelled storage, and shelving for all your paperwork and other important documents and materials. Eliminate clutter in your office by keeping your desk clear, storing only necessities here and on any other work surfaces. Remember that you can use the walls for additional storage and, if you have a tendency to let paperwork pile up, set reminders in your calendar for weekly office organization.


Maximize productivity

In addition to keeping your office decluttered and organized, there are several other tricks that will help your at-home office feel like a productive work space. When choosing your office space, consider your light source and make use of natural lighting whenever possible, since this kind of cool light is best for productivity. Further increase your comfort level by investing in a quality office chair, keeping in mind your personal tastes and needs. Personalize your home office in the same way that you would a cubicle or regular office, with a few motivational and sentimental pieces placed around the room. After you’ve finished with your office decoration, just make sure your workspace isn’t too comfortable, or you run the risk of relaxing too much and letting your productivity slide.

maximize productivity

Stay connected

Internet connectivity is essential for modern business, especially if you are operating your own. A super-fast broadband connection and reliable WiFi are necessities for home offices. These features, coupled with the best tech equipment possible, will allow you to keep on top of your e-commerce, social media, online marketing, and other business correspondence on a regular-office-hours basis.

stay connected