How To Create a Successful Branded Content Campaign

Control your content by creating branded content that speaks to your audience and more importantly keeps your brand name in their mind.

How To Create a Successful Branded Content Campaign

Branded content isn’t really new news, but many entrepreneurs still wonder how to create branded content.

Content is a powerful marketing tool and when wielded correctly, you can use it to convey your brand message to the desired target audience. More importantly, branded content helps to turn customers into brand advocates, which in turn helps to achieve long-term business goals.

Unfortunately, limited people know how to use branded content to the benefit of their company. Discussed below are a few ways to create successful branded content campaigns.


Tips on how to create winning branded content

A lot of people remain in the dark as regards the differences between branded content and conventional advertising. Branded content, otherwise called branded entertainment, presents itself as something way beyond a marketing tactic.

Consequently, branded content embraces people’s stories over product stories. Traditional brand advertising, on the other hand, revolves around finding a Unique selling point through a product’s story. A creative way is then devised to connect this with the customer. However, Branded content operates in reverse.

1. Utilize elements of visual brand identity

If you are quite familiar with branded videos, you will notice one important thing. These videos tell people’s stories and discuss essential issues. Nonetheless, they provide no information about the products.

However, the only thing, which helps to identify which company created the video, is the company’s logo. As a rule, the company’s logo is displayed only at the end or /and at the beginning of the video.

This means you should design a strong visual brand identity before you create branded content. Your company should have an outstanding logo, one which will cause your brand to stand out.


2. Write an impressive story

In creating branded content, your main task is to identify an issue worth discussion and create a story, that preferably doesn’t spark any controversy.

Follow the following steps to complete this objective successfully;

  • Have a perfect understanding of your target audience, their preferences, interests, and concerns.
  • Focus on a global issue, which is vital to your target audience and which your company has a solution to.
  • Decide on who will take on the crucial role in your story: your clients, brand ambassadors, employees or just random people?
  • Choose one out of the emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, surprise) which suits your brand message perfectly.

Put to paper the story from scratch. Do it yourself or get help from experts in this field. You can use HR Software to search. While doing this, you need to pay attention to the brand tone and avoid using boring adjectives.

3. Decide what type of content to create

You must remember, branded content can take other forms asides from videos. You can turn textual content, collages, infographics, or vector images into evergreen content for your brand with a little effort.

However, videos engage the target audience better than other types of content. With enough financial resources, you should opt for a branded video. For those operating on a low budget, do not feel compelled to break the bank, instead choose less expensive options.


4. Make your branded content shareable

In this digital era, take advantage of the social media and make your content share-worthy. It becomes crucially important If you can provide a fresh look at the existing problem. You need to make your view widely known.

Master the art, create a story that touches the hearts and arouses emotions. Furthermore, you can get social media users to share your branded content with their friends. It will boost your marketing efforts and help you to increase your reach.


5. Keep it simple

It is quite essential that you make your story understandable for everyone, even for children. Don’t use sophisticated phrases, boring adjectives or rarely used terms. In short, tell your story in simple words.

Regardless of the complexity of the topic being addressed, for instance, global warming or gender inequity, you should strive for simplicity. It’s the only way to capture and retain the audience’s attention to your branded content.


6. Write a brand new story

No matter the size of your company, new or already well-known, you should always write an exclusive story. The distinctiveness of your branded content must be 100%.


It is true; you can be inspired by other’s branded content marketing and in fact should see what others are doing so you can do it better. Using others’ branded content examples for inspiration is a great starting point. Nonetheless, you must make your content your own.

For successful branded content campaigns, choose your path and create an exclusive story.

In conclusion, branded contents strategy is the answer to the marketing, which will take your business to the next level. It remains one of the most powerful marketing tactics and only works for those who know how to create branded content.