How to Choose Email Templates Design this Holiday Season

It’s the season to make the most Holiday Sales, so find out how to choose email templates design that will real in prospects.

How to Choose Email Templates Design this Holiday Season

As an online brand which is direct to consumers, you have to prepare adequately for the holiday season, much in advance! You need to plan promos, posts, campaigns, strategies on targeting the correct consumers and prospective partners and to top it all – you need the perfect holiday-themed email template.

Are you excited to send out holiday-themed email templates?

Marketers start getting very excited at the end of the year – because of the seasons changing and festivities beginning of course, and because they can really put their personal creativity to use by designing beautiful and unique holiday-themed email templates!

Even though this is exciting, it is also very stressful because there are so many holiday email template designs that need to be made – and if you are not looking to make one, but to purchase something from a designer instead, it can be difficult to sift through all the options that exist to choose the perfect one to send out to your clients and partners.

But to begin, let’s answer a basic question.

What are Email Templates?

Email Templates allow a user to customize and format the copy and text on an email sent by a user. They allow you to have beautiful content and design which is displayed on a receiver’s email client – and this is done in an optimized way in order to ensure best display quality.

And Why Should One Use Them?

To show your consumers and partners that you are on trend with the latest content and design, as well as to constantly carve a niche in their minds! Haven’t worked with someone but want to get in touch with them? Send out a holiday-themed email template. This is a great excuse to get in touch with someone with a simple greeting while also giving them a little whiff of your business.

And this brings us to the most pertinent question –

Which Email Template Should I Use This Holiday Season?

It’s very important to pick the perfect email template to use for the holidays because this is your one chance to get into a consumer’s inbox and make a difference. Remember, consumers barely spend any time looking at greetings, especially during the holidays because almost everyone’s sending them out!

So, how do you choose the best email template?

1. Kind You Want

First, decide what kind of campaign you want to run. Successful email marketing strategies have a mix of scheduled communications that they send out, even during the holiday season, in order to maximize their reach.

Some campaigns you can try are –

  • Newsletters  
  • Announcements/Cards
  • Press Releases
  • Business Letter 
  • Updates 
  • Promotional
  • Events
  • Feedback

2. Keep It Clean

Remember, you have one shot at reaching your consumer. So how do you do it? Your text has to be clean and catchy; it could even be a little witty. If you’re looking to send out only a single email template, then choose a design that allows you to communicate everything you want to communicate, very clearly.

Keeping things clean and concise is key. Ways to keep the template clean are –

  • Add your logo 
  • Keep the template minimal 
  • Add a single large image instead of smaller images 
  • Add the relevant information in bold to make it stand out

3. Simple vs Flashy

Once you begin to start looking for the perfect email template for the holidays, you will notice yourself drowning in a pool of designs. How to get out of this mess and choose the perfect template?

Is your brand image minimal? Is it very flashy? Choose an email template that resonates accordingly. If you have a simple and minimal branding, then choosing a flashy design that doesn’t go with your image could give out the wrong impression to your client.

  • Keep the Clutter Less

Going for a fancy design doesn’t mean cluttering the template up. Make sure you use a template that helps you put out the information you want to, without making a mess. In order to ensure this, some questions to ask yourself are –

  • Is important information clearly readable?
  • Is the font consistent?
  • Is the design covering any of the text?

4. Personal Touches

What’s the one thing people look for during the holidays? Personal touches and warmth. As the holiday season is the best way to touch people’s hearts and tell them you are there for them, be it as an individual or through your business, use a holiday-themed email template that makes the receiver feel warm and fuzzy!

Find a good email template that gives you enough space to put in a personal note as well as give out important information clearly.

Some great ways to add personal touches to your template –

  • Write good greetings or put out good feelers in the template
  • Send a nice message about the holiday in question
  • Ask people if they need anything for the holidays in line with something your business can provide

5. Professional Design

People want to see cool and quirky.

People want to see different things.

People want to see fresh.

While choosing an email template, go for something that looks like it’s out of the box. Most templates are very run of the mill and keep getting recycled year after year. If you choose something that has been out there for a while, chances are people won’t even notice your template and will likely just toss out your email without taking a look.

You obviously want to stand out. Some tips on standing out are –

  • Use trending colors
  • Use trending fonts 
  • Use a design that is creative and doesn’t look too flat 
  • Try and use 3D designs if possible 
  • Use a template which has clicks embedded to transport the user to your website or some other page where they are met with greetings or something special (perhaps a business-related offering)
  • Use an interactive template

Whatever you do, make sure you go in for a professionally created design. People are very used to seeing things these days that are recycled, so ensure that your email template is created uniquely enough to capture the essence you are going for.

Professional designs speak volumes about your business – they show your consumers that you have the money and wherewithal to go in for something that is made especially for you – and in turn for them.

6. Emulate Others

While of course you’ll be scouting for email templates for the holiday season and figuring out what works best for you, one of the best ways to also do this is to see what others are doing.

There are some great email marketers out there who send out crisp and sharp email templates every holiday season – emulate what they are doing, without plagiarizing their text or copying them to the T of course. Some ways to do this are –

  • Spend time browsing to see what’s trending 
  • Read email templates that are sent by others 
  • Sign up and subscribe to email templates of other people/ businesses that you find interesting
  • Use apps like Pinterest to see what’s trending 
  • Look up designs on Behance

There are many holiday-themed email templates to choose from – don’t get disheartened and don’t fall into the trap of not being able to pick the one that’s right for you. Use these tips to make sure you get the best email template for the holidays – something to impress your clients with easily!