How to Become a MacGyver of Digital Content Marketing

(Written by a super secret guest writer)

Let’s get something straight out of the way: when we say we want you to become a MacGyver of digital content marketing, we’re thinking of the old TV show. The new one is just a massive commercial mess. So there’s that.

What’s the best way to describe MacGyver? He’s a problem solver. He is creative. He doesn’t follow trends. He sets the trends.

Doesn’t that remind you of your ideal perception of a digital content marketer?

Who’s the MacGyver of Digital Content Marketing?

Since MacGyver was so good at what he did, his name became a term for someone who’s the master of something. There are tons of common threads between MacGyver and the ideal digital content marketer:

  • Masterful problem-solving skills
  • Trend setting
  • An ethical approach to doing business (MacGyver hated violence and guns; the master digital marketer hates black-hat methods)
  • Inventive use of common items
  • Passionate about giving value to the community

Who doesn’t want to be that guy?

Why not try?

You only have to work on the right skills, and I’ll tell you how.

Master Lesson in Digital Content Marketing: Become the MacGyver in Your Niche

1. Know the Problem

MacGyver’s ability to solve problems is based on identifying them.

When you think you’ve done everything right in your content marketing campaign and you’re still not seeing results, it means you have a problem. Identifying that problem is hard work, so you might need to do some troubleshooting.

These are some of the most common problems that content marketers face:

  • Content performance issues. No one likes to hear this, but many digital content marketers deliver mediocre solutions. They just follow what everyone else is doing and fail to offer something new to their target audience.
  • Lack of specialty. You don’t want to be the Jack of all trades and master of none. We’re seeing that all the time in content marketing, with campaigns shattered across all channels and not delivering masterful results in any of them.
  • No resources. Free content marketing is possible, but you still need some resources if you want to develop a masterful campaign.

So what’s your problem? If you identify it, it will be easier for you to come up with a solution.


2. Find Your Passion

If you’ve ever seen the old show, you know that MacGyver is passionate even about the way he uses duct tape to solve a problem. The new show seems fake. Do you know why? It’s missing all of that passion.

Just as the audience sees through the fakeness of TV shows, it senses the FAKE in content marketing. In November 2016, Facebook admitted it had a problem with fake news. Yes; some people believed that stuff. Suddenly, it became difficult for us to know what’s true and what’s fake. The online audience, however, is not stupid. Most people have an intuition that warns them about fake claims. They will ask for proof. They will check the facts. If they catch you lying, you’ll be in trouble.

You have to believe your own words when you write something!

If you’re hiring freelance or essay writers to complete the content for you, you’ve got to make sure that you’re receiving 100% reliable and convincing content. It’s easy for things to go in the fake direction when you rely on other people to write your content,


3. Turn Your Projects into an Adventure

Are you going to simply follow the trends every other marketer is following? Sure, being on top of new trends is important in digital content marketing. The MacGyver of content marketing, however, will not be a copycat. They will not start relying on Instagram stories just because all other brands are doing it. They might use the same method, but they will bring it to new life.


Adidas Game plan A

Take Adidas GamePlan A as an example. The Adidas marketing team understood that community was important in online marketing. So they encouraged the development of a community around their brand, but they did it in a very special way. GamePlan A is a digital content club – a business lifestyle magazine that brings the audience together.

It’s more than a blog. It’s a unique, long-term content marketing project that invites everyone to become part of the community.


4. Use Data

MacGyver is a special kind of special agent not just because he is strong — he’s smart, too. He’s armed with scientific knowledge and resources.

No; you don’t need a science degree to become the MacGyver of digital content marketing. You already have access to all kinds of data you can use to your advantage. Here are few examples:


This is data. A resourceful content marketer will find a way to use it to their advantage. The MacGyver of content marketing will do something more: they will get their own data. Are you using Google Analytics to its full potential? Are you analyzing the return of investment on all content you create? Are you tracking and analyzing the behavior of your audience?

When your content marketing campaign is driven by data, it will be more successful. Take that as a scientific fact!


5. Be Persistent!

A single episode of this TV show will give you an impression of MacGyver’s main character trait: persistency. Unlike a typical action hero, he will show grief and pain after a disappointment. The one thing he never does, however, is giving up.

A content marketer must not give up when they notice lack of success in their campaign. What they should do is use all resources to locate the problem and fix it. Hard work never goes in vain.

ben and jerrys

Do you think that Ben & Jerry’s really needs all that content marketing? Probably not. People already know about the brand, right? Well that doesn’t stop the team from committing to an awesome content marketing campaign that lasts for decades.

Persistence. That’s the key to success.


Do you want the ultimate tip for becoming a great digital content marketer? Just watch MacGyver. The original. It will teach you all the things.