How Product Usability Impacts Your Business

Are you familiar with product usability and how it impacts your business? If not, keep reading to see how it relates to sales and customer loyalty.

How Product Usability Impacts Your Business

Product usability refers to the extent to which a person uses your product to achieve certain goals with efficiency, satisfaction as well as effectiveness in a particular context.

The principle of usability is centered on user design which ought to be easy to learn, engaging, and error-tolerant. Product usability is related to customer loyalty and satisfaction and does impact your business particularly the profits. 


Employees play a role in product usability hence, it is paramount to get the right skill working for you. Suppose you have globalized your business, you could leverage the services of an international peo such as, Global PEO to help you find the right talent in the area in which you choose work. PEO will ensure that they hire top talent and manage other human resource duties such as payrolls while you and your team focus on improving usability.

But, how does product usability impact your business? Here are ways on how it happens:


  1.   Improves brand visibility

Google is the most utilized search engine in the world. It is known to have better algorithms that tend to select and rank relevant and high-class websites in the top ten results. You should know that only good product usability makes the cut to this list hence the need to have convenient and easy to use sites to promote your product visibility.  


   2.  Makes you stand out from the competition

In May 2020, about 113 thousand mobile applications were launched to be used by consumers. Such stiff competition accompanied by the growing market calls for apps with better usability. Suppose your customers have a bad experience with your product, there is a good chance that they will turn to your competitors for alternative solutions.

A survey conducted by Statista shows that 79% of your disappointed customers would instantly choose products from your competitors.

Therefore to stand out, you need to have good product usability to encourage your customers to speak more positively about your brand to other potential customers.


   3.  Impacts conversion rates

A difficult and problematic user’s path on your website inhibits completed purchase and the vice versa is true.

In the first quarter of this year, about 88.05% of purchases were canceled by customers.

Most customers cited that websites were either slow, had confusing checkout commands, sites were crashing or they were required to create new accounts each time. 

Initial usability testing can sort all these problems out in the development stages so that you save money and enhance the number of orders placed for the products that you are selling. According to statistics, great product design can enhance your conversion rates by more than 50%. 


   4.  Usability influences word of mouth

Customers are known to talk about their experiences with products all the time. These days, they post videos, texts, and photos of their experiences on social media platforms. You should know that most people are pessimists and will tend to share bad encounters more than positive ones. Therefore, it is essential to provide customers with better usability which meets their expectations so that they spread positive feedback about your brand.


   5.  Impacts user retention 

When customers get a chance to interact with a user-friendly program, chances are that they will come back and probably draw other people to your website. Additionally, better usability also positively influences performance and minimizes errors. By the end of the day, you have a happier customer pool which translates to increased conversion rates. For small and mid-sized companies, such performance advantages translate to higher productivity.


   6. Reduces production costs

Product usability testing saves you unnecessary expenses.

It works to help you pinpoint possible challenges, failures, and difficulties that may be present on the product that you are trying to market. You should know that amending issues on a product early is better than launching it and having to recall it back for correction of failing functions. Research postulates that about 80% of the budget allocated for product development is spent on maintenance. Hence, identifying issues that may be there early cuts down costs and enables you to market your product with confidence.



Product usability has a significant impact on your business. A well-structured usability testing ensures that your customers are happy and your profits are also enhanced. Users of your products are often the judges of whether your product usability is doing well. Therefore there is a need to take into account customer feedback to enhance product user ability.