7 Ways Photographers Can Stay Productive Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photographers have found themselves particularly bound by COVID-19 restrictions, so how can photographers stay productive, let’s find out.

7 Ways Photographers Can Stay Productive Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Web designers, digital marketers, and photographers often work closely together to create world-class content. While web designers and digital marketers will have been impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, there are few other professionals who will have felt the knock quite as intensely as professional photographers. 

Most photographers, regardless of specialty, rely on traveling the world and to different locations, attending events, and interacting with people to do their jobs. Now, with stringent lockdown restrictions in place and travel being a complete no-go, photographers are finding themselves with a lot of extra time on their hands. The question is, how can you use this time productively to work on your business, expand on your skills, and perhaps bring in a bit of money, too? Here are some excellent tips to keep in mind. 

Sell your photographs online 

In order to bring in some form of an income during this down-time, a number of photographers are deciding to sell their photos online via image bank websites, such as ClickASnap. Selling photos on the web is easier than you probably expect. All you need to do is upload them and set your own pricing. You will then be paid when someone buys them. 

Some websites, like ClickASnap, pay you a small fee even when your photo is simply viewed — no conversion necessary. Once you have a certain amount in your account, you can request payment. No need to worry about copyright infringements either. Any quality photograph selling websites will ensure that they have adequate image protection technology to provide their photographers with total peace of mind. 

All in all, it is an easy and effective way to fill that gap throughout these times of crisis. 

Wade your way through your backlog 

Even those photographers with the best time management skills will often find that they have built up a backlog over time. Now is the ideal opportunity to catch up on those outstanding edits and keep your existing clients happy. Along with edits, you can also use this time to type out and send various invoices, catch up on your taxes, and respond to any emails that you might have missed or put on the backburner. Ensure that you cover all bases by putting a comprehensive to-do list together and ticking off the tasks as you work your way through it. 

Brush up on your skills

Spend time outside exploring new angles, techniques, and equipment. You can also think about purchasing some new editing software and using these extra weeks and months to master it and really get your money’s worth. Alternatively, why not consider signing up to take an online advanced photography course? It is sure to be another wonderful way in which to hone your skills and keep your mind occupied. Plus, many of these courses are free. 

Look after your equipment

When was the last time you gave all your trusty equipment a good clean? There could not be a better opportunity to do so, especially considering that much of it will have been sitting around gathering dust in recent times. Lay it all out in front of you and get to work. Double check that everything is operating as it should be and make notes if any repairs, upgrades, or replacements are necessary. Once you have completed the cleaning and inspection, be sure to take some additional time to rearrange and organize your gear so that everything is easier to find. 

Review your website and online marketing 

It goes without saying that your website is the main marketing tool and one of the biggest sources when it comes to generating new clients and stabilizing your business. Are you aware that web design and SEO best practices are constantly evolving? With this in mind, it is vital that you continually update and improve the look and functionality of your website. 

Use a few extra hours to conduct some research into the type of experience your site should be providing and then review whether it ticks all the boxes. If it doesn’t, and it is time for a makeover, consider getting in touch with web design and SEO experts, like Pixel Productions Inc., to lend a hand. 

Along with your website, you should also be checking out your ROI with regard to any paid media platforms on which you have been advertising. What is working and what is not? Can your marketing budget be better spent elsewhere? Where is your target audience spending the majority of their time? Could your ads be worded more creatively? These are all great questions to ask when you are striving to make improvements. By the time the world is back up and running again, your marketing will be properly streamlined and ready to start bringing in those gigs!

Start a blog 

Speaking of SEO, user experience, and generating new leads, content marketing is a smart way to boost all those goals. If you haven’t already, use this opportunity to start or spruce up your blog with fresh, new content. It will make it possible for you to showcase your knowledge and skills, as well as set yourself apart as an industry thought leader, therefore helping to bolster client trust and loyalty.

Don’t stop snapping pictures 

Most importantly, do not lose your passion for your profession. Lockdown has a way of sapping even the most dedicated and inspired individuals of their motivation to continue being creative. Don’t let that happen to you. Snap new photographs at every possible opportunity even if it is just of objects or activities that happen inside your home, such as cooking, doing crafts with the kids, or barbecuing in the back yard. 

There is no denying that COVID-19 has brought about several setbacks for photographers across the globe. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still use this extra time wisely. Put the aforementioned tips into practice and you will be fully prepared and raring to go once restrictions are lifted. Best of luck to you and your business!