How Does Good Website Design Impact Your Business?

Does your business really need “good” web design and what impact does website design actually have on your business? Let’s find out.

Good Website Design

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The Impact of Website Design: How Good Design Can Make All The Difference for a Business


Good website design has become something of a buzzword these days. Gone are the days when websites were a simple combination of text and images. Today, websites need to find the perfect blend of aesthetics and responsiveness while also possessing content that is tweaked to the fickle tastes of search engine algorithms. 


In today’s article, we are going to understand why website design is so important for a business and understand why presenting the right image and hiring a good web designer can be the best thing you do for your business.

Why Is Good Web Design So Important?

The answer to this question is quite simple, to be honest. You only need to recollect any instance where you were trying to find an answer or resource on the internet. You would have come across some sites where, within a couple of seconds of the page loading, you closed the tab and moved on.

Why did you do that? 


The answer, in most cases, is bad web design. You see, even if the site had the information you sought, it probably had characteristics that you have come to identify with a poor user experience. 


These characteristics include:


  • Slow Load Times
  • Messy or Ugly Layout
  • Bad Readability
  • Poor Responsiveness 
  • Too Many Animations
  • Oversized or Undersized Images


Such factors make for a terrible experience image for any visitor. More importantly, it reflects on the quality of your product or service that may actually be valuable. Bad web design has the power to tank your business before clients have even seen your product. 


That is not an ideal situation. 

A Well Designed Website Is Your Best Marketing Tool


Creating a website that is able to impress and retain visitors is the answer to many of the issues that new businesses face. For this reason, you want to prioritize quality web design as fast as possible.


A good website has the ability to engage the visitor because it presents content in a manner that is easy to grasp, is aesthetically pleasing, loads rapidly, and is responsive. 


When visitors have such an experience, it invites them to stay on the page, thus making it more likely for them to be interested in the services or products you offer. 


Thus, it would be fair to say that one of the most important aspects of a good web design is the image that your business or company presents to the outside world.


Think of it as the online equivalent of a store at a mall. 


You want to ensure that the windows aren’t cluttered in an ugly manner but instead will create curiosity and invite people to enter and explore. When such an approach is applied to a website, it has the potential to drastically increase user engagement and experience.

Templates vs. Custom Design: What Should You Choose?


Okay, so you have decided to create a well-designed website or are planning on reworking your current one. That’s great. How will you now go about it? 

These days that are a lot of services that offer to create a website via templates. While they may seem like great options due to their simplicity, they often lack the personalized touch needed to take a business or company to the next level.


This personalized touch is best achieved by hiring a veteran web designer that has a lot of experience in tailor-making and creating websites according to the specific needs of diverse clients.


Hiring a designer like this also has the advantage of ensuring upgradability, especially with regard to functionality. This is arguably as important as aesthetics when it comes to web design. 


For example, using web designs from a template on many occasions will severely limit your business in terms of any new services that you want to be presented and made available. 


You might want to incorporate an e-commerce system directly into your website while also having it double up as a repository of information about your products.


Hiring a web designer allows for such a bespoke experience. This becomes highly essential down the line. Also, remember that many template-based services mislead customers by adding in a lot of extra features that they may not even use. By hiring a web designer, you have far more control over what your money is paying for. 


An investment in a well-designed website pays considerable dividends every moment that it is online. It may be tempting to settle for one of the budget options, especially if you are just starting out. However, remember that good website design is crucial in the initial stages when investors and new clients are carefully looking at your business.


Making that great first impression right off the bat and not 5 years down the line can make so much difference.