How Does Cloud Hosting Affect SEO?

Thinking about changing hosting and wondering how it might affect your SEO? Let’s Look at The Ways Cloud Hosting Connects With SEO.

How Does Cloud Hosting Affect SEO?

There is one specific thing that you cannot ignore while building your website — Your SEO!

Strong search engine optimization can make or break the reputation, performance and visibility of a website. It can also affect your website traffic, especially the organic search traffic.

While there are many different things that you should consider to increase your SEO results and rankings, one of the most important is cloud hosting. Your hosting can actually affect your SEO and site ranking as well; which is why you will see that many businesses making the switch to better hosting. One leading Dental SEO Services provider in New York is making the switch to cloud hosting for all of their clients in order to:

  • Maximize ROI from their SEO
  • Increase SEO rankings
  • Improve Organic search traffic
  • Make it easier to build inbound links
  • Garner more views and impressions

However, in order to make the most of cloud hosting and SEO you will need to know how these two two items connect between each other.

We’re going to dive into what cloud hosting is all about and how it can improve your SEO.

Cloud Hosting Features

The first thing that you should know about cloud hosting is that it refers typically to internet applications or services. These are the specific services that the users are able to access and use through the internet service providers.

When you use cloud hosting you will gain a lot of benefits but the types of benefits that you will enjoy will vary according to the web hosting provider you choose, depending on the price you want to pay for cloud computing.

However, the most common benefits are:

  • You will not need to buy or install any type of special software in your system because you will be able to use the systems of the providers to access uploads just as the name implies.
  • You will be able to enjoy faster website loading speed which is one of the most noticeable things you will enjoy once you switch to cloud hosting.
  • It will help your site to provide exceptional user experience and an enhanced performance that will enable your site to gain a better and higher user experience rating.

When you consider the benefits as well as the fact that cloud hosting is the foundation to raise the SEO score of your website, there’s little reason not to make the switch.


If you’ve paid any attention to Google’s algorithms lately, you’ll know that it’s all about the users!

This is important, because when it comes to search engines, cloud hosting will help them to crawl your site in a much better way making it accessible to all available servers on the platform. This will keep your site on top of the search engine ranking list. This is because you will have high traffic to your website due to its fast loading, no downtime and efficient performance.

In short, cloud hosting will enable your site to load faster which will increase the user-friendliness which is the basic necessity for any site to stay and retain its position on the top of the search engine results.

The Cloud Host Location Factor

To SEO, cloud host locations are irrelevant which is another significant factor that the search engines take note of. This is in comparison to the location from where the searches are being conducted. All major search engines will normally prioritize the servers that are hosted locally while calculating the page ranking.

For example, the users searching for something located in the US will see websites that have an .us extension when you use a local web hosting service. This may be best for the small businesses.

However, if your business is large and you operate on a larger scale or on a global basis, you will need to reach out to a larger set of audience.

For this cloud hosting is the best thing to implement in your SEO strategies because:

  • This will allow you to have a large number of geo websites and that too at a much lower cost.
  • You will also be able to enjoy having top ranks on the search engines result pages when users look for products or places in their local area, once again for the multiple geo websites.

Therefore, with cloud hosting, the location factor is well taken care of and better SEO result is guaranteed.

Misconceptions About SEO

Just like anything else, there are a few misconceptions regarding Search Engine Optimization and cloud hosting, which is something you must also need to know. This will help you a lot in understanding how SEO and cloud hosting are connected to each other.

Protection from malicious programs:

There is no denial to the fact that websites are never free from malicious programs or technical glitches. People can easily hack into your server and take out information from your site.

This can lead to several possibilities such as:

  • Your website may be at risk of shutting down
  • Could create slow load times
  • It will affect your SEO performance
  • Decrease site rankings
  • Allow content to be easily copied.

However, when you switch to cloud hosting, you will be able to have enough and guaranteed protection from any malicious programs or bots which are typically malicious scripts. All these can infect your site and leave a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Though the online industries protect the search engines from any type of security threats but everyone is not well aware of how these bots work or how much damage it can do to a site. You will be surprised to know that there are few bots that can even duplicate your site’s content and eventually bring down your search ranking.

Site reliability:

Another significant benefit of using cloud hosting is that it is safe and secure and will give your site the necessary reliability. If you choose a reliable cloud hosting service you will not have to worry about downtime, thanks to the quick responses from the servers. This will enable them to resolve any issues that may arise in your site as compared to other hosting services,

All these features and benefits will positively impact your SEO ranking, only if you choose a reputable cloud hosting company.