Most BigCommerce store owners want custom product tabs. This isn’t a super expandable feature in the BigCommerce platform yet, but hopefully will be soon. Currently, you can pretty easily customize the warranty tab in your BigCommerce store to really be anything you want.

This example shows you how to customize your warranty tab to be a “Related Products” tab.

First, you will want to open the file: ProductWarranty.html located in your Panels folder.

Next, replace %%LNG_JS_Warranty%% with your own text, we’ll use the text,
“Other Products you may like”.


By doing this you’ve give the actual tab title the custom title of “other products you may like” instead of “Warranties”.


Now to get the related products to populate under this tab you will want to copy the %%Panel.SideProductRelated%% snippet into the product warranty window located in the”Other Details” tab when editing a product. (shown below)


related products bigcommerc


Here’s what the end result looks like . . .

customized product warranty tab