Adding Social Sharing to your website is essential. BigCommerce comes equipped with social sharing on a product level which is great, but most of our clients want social sharing on every page of their site including the home page or other informational pages. The best way to add social sharing features to your website is by using (, it’s fast, easy and free.

All you have to do is click on one of the styled templates and hit “Get the Code”.

AddThis -Adding social networking to your website


> Next, copy the Code Snippet. . .


AddThis Social Sharing Code

> Now all you need to do is add this code to your website. You can do this several different ways. You can add the code at a page level if you only want the code to appear on certain pages. To do this open the page you would like to add the code to under “Website Content” in your BigCommerce Store admin area.

Adding social sharing to BigCommerce web pages

To add the social sharing snippet globally which I recommend, you can either add it in the Header.html file or the Footer.html file located in the Panels Folder.
> First, Click on the Template Files tab.

social sharing




> Next, Scroll down to the Panels folder and click the plus sign next to it.

social sharing 5



> Select the Header.html or Footer.html file in the new list of files and click Edit next to it.

select header or footer.html



Paste in the code where you want your buttons to display. This example places the code just above the Top Menu (Account, Wish List, etc.). You can place the code wherever looks the best to you. (It may take some testing to figure out where you like it the most.)

paste in social sharing code


> Click Save.

click save

Check your store to view placement. If it doesn’t look right, move around the code depending on where you want it placed on your home page.