Why Companies Need High-Quality Video Production Services

Are high-quality video production services something that should be a priority for your small business marketing strategy? Let’s find out.

High-Quality Video Production Services

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Video dominates in all marketing channels, does that mean that companies need high-quality video productions services?

Clearly that question is going to be determined by price and marketing budget, but one thing we do know is that even if you’re a midsize or large company, video can be a potent marketing tool for you. Below, we discuss some of the reasons why high-quality video is so vital for businesses of all sizes. We’ll also explore how video production can help your business achieve its marketing and sales goals.

We know that video marketing boosts business performance in the following ways:

Boosted Conversions and Sales

Videos are engaging, and they can help persuade potential customers to buy your products or services. Studies have shown that videos can increase conversion rates by up to 100% when included on a landing page. Additionally, videos can help you close more sales deals, especially if you use them in your email marketing campaigns.

Higher Rank in Search Results

One main reason you should consider high-quality video production services for mid-large size companies is to help you rank higher in search results. Many businesses struggle with achieving a high SERP ranking for their business websites mainly because they underestimate the power of videos in SEO optimization. Google’s algorithm favors websites that include high-quality video content, so if you want your website to rank higher and get more online exposure, you could use the help of highly-optimized videos that present your business in a unique manner.

Highly Engaged Audience

The average attention span of humans has decreased significantly over the years, mainly due to the large increase of online information. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to keep people engaged with your content, but if you include videos in your content strategy, you can easily keep your audience engaged and quickly convert them to buying clients when you share offers they like.

More Clicks from Mobile Users

Since people are more likely to watch videos on their mobile devices than read texts, you must include videos in your content strategy if you want to get more clicks from mobile users. You can choose from the numerous types of video content options to reach most of your target audience using mobile.

Improved Trust and Credibility

Videos are a powerful tool for building trust and credibility with your target audience. When people see you or your employees on video, they’re more likely to trust your company. And when they see how knowledgeable you are about your products or services, they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

Return On Investment (ROI)

While it is true video production is one of the most expensive marketing techniques a business can undertake, the returns from a successful campaign are almost always high. Unlike other forms of advertising like print or online ads, videos can be reused and repurposed in a variety of ways to reach new audiences.

They can also be embedded on your website and shared through social media to create a lasting impression. You might only need to pay the initial high production costs and live to enjoy recurring returns for a long time before you decide to record a new video.

Gain Brand Awareness

Sharing video content about your brand to mainstream media where billions of viewers visit each day can significantly propel your brand awareness strategies in a short period. The viewership potential for videos is much higher than other content types. The majority of those who watch your online videos can easily remember your brand better than if they read the content instead. However, this is only true if you create and edit high-quality and engaging video content.

Buy More Time for Your Core Businesses

Video productions are lengthy projects that need full-time concentration and can significantly eat into your time. Outsourcing the production process to a professional team will give you more time to focus on your core businesses and increase your chances of success. Moreover, a good video production company will have a well-rounded team with the necessary skills and creativity to help you achieve your desired results faster.

A Chance for a Creative Call-to Action

With video marketing, you can place creative CTA buttons throughout your videos to intrigue viewers and encourage them to click through. You can sing, narrate a short story or do something unique to capture their attention to your CTA and convince them to buy.

How much of the following high-quality video production services can you do yourself?

Producing a good video is necessary for attracting and sustaining the attention of the target audience. Producing videos refers to a process that typically consists of three key stages. The process may be regarded as simple or complex depending on the type of video that is being made.

1. Pre-Production

The first part is commonly known as pre-production during which preparations are made for filling. This involves agreeing on the storyboard, developing it and determining how long it will run. It also includes producing the script that will be used for shooting and selecting different types of equipment that rang e from cameras to lights.

During pre-production, the locations, sets and props among other facilities are chosen. The team that will be involved in production is put together and may include presenters, actors, directors, sound engineers and videographers.

2. Production

The next part is production and this is when the actual shooting of the video takes place. It involves rehearsing to ensure that everyone is aware of what will be going on in each scene. It also involves making changes to the script and handling any production issues that may arise. Filming or shooting often requires numerous takes for a single scene. Sound recording may happen during shooting or take place separately to facilitate special effects.

3. Post-Production

Post-production is the last stage of video production where different aspects are brought together to finalize the video. In order to create high-quality videos, you need quality post-production services. This is where a skilled team of video editors, motion graphics artists, and sound engineers comes in. The team of experts will follow up on how your original video is performing and do some editing in line with the response from viewers. They can help boost your video performance by adding a thing or two to make it match up the standards of user expectations for an optimized return on investment.

Usually for marketing purposes, you’re not creating a feature film, that being said, a 30 to 60 second commercial can get pretty complex. Many of the items mentioned above can be accomplished by self motivated entrepreneurs. There are many great small business who can set up their own shoots and create dynamic engaging video. The more complex the video, the more people need to be involved. The more complex the project the more expertise will be required in the following:


  • Videos usually require a producer who is responsible for managing the resources that are used and ensure that the production fulfills the requirements of the client’s brief. For simple videos, one person can handle various roles such as producer and director.
  • Producers may also be in charge of finances and monitoring costs. They make sure that all the required permits have been granted such as the right to use certain music and filling at public locations.
  • The widespread availability of affordable and user-friendly video cameras and software has made it possible for individuals and businesses to produce their own videos. However, there are skills that are required for effective video production. Without such skills, the result may not meet expectations.
  • Professional production provides several benefits, including quality and producing videos that will make a significant impact.


The production process basically incorporates writing, filming and editing. A script or outline serves as a guide that makes it possible to shoot images that correspond with the script before editing and bringing the images together.


While shooting, it is important to remain consistent and identify the style that you will use to avoid random shots that feel and look different. Lack of consistency can distract the viewer and unless it is a type of music video, excessive and shaky movement is unnecessary.


After gathering all the footage or shots you need, you need to put it together. The main challenge experienced while editing is deciding which shots you should leave out. If particular shots do not advance your content or story, they should not be included. Editors focus on the relevance of each shot.


Medium to large sized companies are at the highest pressure to keep growing or maintain their current level. They have to show they continue innovating and improving their offerings lest they get knocked out of the highly competitive markets. With effective video marketing policies, these companies can now optimize SEO, acquire and retain customers and easily engage with their audience for better overall performance.

High-quality video production services can definitely benefit a business. Understanding what type of video your business needs will help you decide on whether you need to hire on high-quality video production services or whether you can do it yourself.