Website Logos: Guide to Choose a Logo for a Website

There are a number of considerations you should make before you choose a logo for a website, find out what they are.

nailing your company logo

A website logo is a visual representation of your business. Often times when people choose a logo for a website they don’t actually consider how that logo will work in different web applications.

The whole idea behind website logos is that you can give people a quick idea about your brand through an image instead of words. A logo can communicate your brand’s message and identity — or not.

Since a logo is the first point of contact with your audience, it makes sense to choose a logo wisely.

Even a simple icon can speak to who you are and what you do. Just do a quick search on your mobile device, you’ll find that a logo for a website has to be simple. There’s not a lot of space to mess around — it has to be simple and make an impact.

But how to choose the right logo for your website? 

Hmm… There are a number of ways to go about it.

Follow the Guide below to help you choose a logo for your website logo that will work for your business.


Choosing Logo Colors

You have to choose Colors that Fit Your Website Niche and your brand messaging. For this, you might need to tweak and play with the colors a bit while outlining the logo for your website. In web design, it’s important to stick to two or three color combinations throughout the site when choosing a logo for your site.


If a color scheme for your brand already exists in your mind, use them to conceptualize your logo.

But what if you have no predefined website colors? Fret not! 


Research is the key to all aspects of brand and web design, and colors play a huge role in how your target audience will react and engage with your brand.

bright icon logo design

One great example is this casino website, PreviewCasinos, which targets sporty and entertainment-seeking audiences. This particular demographic is used to a lot of bright, bold and frankly overwhelming interactive design. When choosing a logo for a website, Preview Casinos did a great job in creating a simple, clean, bright and engaging logo. They also paired this with simple clean website accents throughout the site to help guide visitors. This logo works well in all formats of the website display, immediately communicating the purpose of the website through icons. These icons are implemented into the main navigation as strong visual guides. Very well done!


Choosing a Logo Font

Typography is the next vital component in choosing a logo for a website. It shows the personality of your brand.

forbes logo text

The font can play a significant part in boosting the sales of your business too. It’s the reason several companies plan to revamp their site’s logo when they witness a drop in their profit, or if they feel it’s no longer current. 


There are three primary fonts with oodles of variations, and each comes with its own strengths and flaws. Thus, pick the one that best suffices your website’s goals. The three options as follows:


  • Go with Sans Serif fonts when you desire a fresh feel for your site’s logo. They are also easy to read.
  • Opt for the Serif fonts for classic typography. These are the most common categories of fonts, considered ideal for lifestyle blogs and modern businesses.
  • Sometimes Script fonts will allow you to create a classy or even whimsical feel. Your logo designer can play with this font style to sketch a logo with a creative, casual, or even elegant effect. However, they can be difficult to read, so choose the variety of this font carefully. 

script logo fonts

Think Outside the Box

You can’t stand out from the crowd unless your website logo is unique. Your business needs to be easily recognizable from competitors. 


Business logos have to be relatable. When your logo is relatable, people tend to respond on a personal level incorporating your brand into their lives. Haven’t you seen how people are even ready to wear Coca Cola logo tee? People love to flaunt their love for the brand. You can see how the website logo is the face of your business. 


Hence, a unique logo concept is the thumb rule for any website. A memorable logo your audience can quickly connect with your brand. As a result, your target audience will remember your website and become frequent visitors.  


So, think outside the box by choosing elements like shapes. They can do wonders to make your logo emerge from the rest. You can even implement attractive textures or gradients with them to take your website logo game to the next level. 


Get Help from Experts

Logo design isn’t something everyone should take on by themselves. There are a lot of great logo designers available. Like hiring any other designer check out their work and their reviews. Logo design is a long term investment in your business — don’t take it lightly. 


You can’t risk it by giving the job to someone unprofessional. A skilled graphic designer can show you the right direction while developing a logo for your site. You can even easily find freelance designers who are known for their expertise in logo designing. 


Furthermore, do not forget to communicate your website goals and ideas you have with the designer.


Concept Before Creation

It’s rare that a logo design hits the mark right from the first thought. A great logo is derived from research, association and creative execution.

Ask yourself – “If I view this logo for the first time, would I find this company trustworthy?”

It is crucial to take a few attempts in order to reach perfection. Logo design is an entirely iterative process. Even when you reach a stunning final draft in the design of your logo,  you may need further variations to choose the right version of the logo for your website. 


Research Design Elements – Design elements are key to a logo that appeals to your target audience. From a social and psychological perspective, each color represents different emotions and attracts various perceptions, so be sure to chose the colors that align best with your brand personality and the feelings you’re trying to evoke.


For a more detailed guide on the logo design process, check out this post:


Whether you’re a professional logo designer or not, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is creative inspiration. To choose a logo for a website you need to be able to create logos that attract and connect with your target audience. Take a look at some key trends to get inspiration from.



Final Words…

If you want growth, you need to pay attention to your brand’s strategies. Your website logo is an essential medium for that branding. Thus, you ought to consider your business’ goal along with your target client or audience profile when choosing a logo design for a website. 


Your website logo will be with you for as long as you’re in the digital world. It should boast uniqueness through its style. The design should instantly grab the eye when looked upon by your site’s visitors.

Additional tip: Get some better logo design ideas by understanding how to use negative space.


Your logo design has the power to influence your audience and that can’t be undervalued, the points in this post will help you choose a logo for a website that is right for your business.