What to Know About Guest Blogging for eCommerce Stores

Guest Blogging for eCommerce Stores is one of the most effective ways to build brand authority and search rankings, learn how in this post.

Guest Blogging for eCommerce Stores

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At first glance it seems crazy to be writing good content for someone else’s website in a similar industry. It makes you feel like you should be focusing on yourself, you know building up your own site. Don’t fret! Guest blogging for eCommerce stores, is one of the BEST outreach strategies you could implement to drive rankings and traffic to your own store. 

Guest blogging should be a primary SEO tactic in networking online as well as building direct referral traffic as well as building powerful backlinks that directly impact your site’s rankings in search. 


Content marketing isn’t the static and one dimensional task some people see it as. It’s not just about doing research, writing great content, using keywords and then waiting for the visits to roll in. Sometimes, you need to be a bit more proactive.


Building connections, generating high-quality backlinks, and expanding your audience are all key facets. Luckily, there is one content marketing technique that can do all of that and more: guest posting.

One could argue that having informational articles on your own website through a blog is the number one way to exponentially increase that website’s traffic and Google ranking.

The HOTH recently published a case study on blogging for eCommerce and the results were pretty clear.

In the example referenced below they illustrate the growth of a brand new eCommerce site; however they had very similar results for sites that had been active for a few years.

In this example they wrote and published four 1000 word blog posts on the eCommerce site with nice volume keywords related to the niche products. It is important to note that they also ran a fairly basic link building campaign to these posts. That being said, the results and the traffic started increasing almost immediately.

ecommerce bloggin case study

While this research proves blogging on your own website is valuable, we believe that guest blogging for eCommerce stores is even better!

If it is still difficult for you to understand exactly how blogger outreach tactics can help your business, not to worry, we’re going to cover it in this post. From the types of sites you should reach out to all the way through publishing a finished piece of content that builds high quality backlinks.

Get ready to see how guest blogging for eCommerce stores can build up your customer profile. 


Find websites that are relevant to your brand 


Only write for websites that are relevant to and related to your brand and business sector.

The best way to decide if a website is related to your brand or not is to compare target audiences. If your brand and the website caters to a similar kind of audience or at least has an intersection with your target audience. 

Knowing to whom you’re talking is incredibly important when writing anything, but especially online content. This is an age of distraction and temptation, so your words need to grab the reader’s attention and make them keep reading, instead to scrolling to the next article or clicking away. Tailoring your writing to fit your audience will mean that the right people will read the correct information. 

So, finding relevant brands is important, because it brings in the right kind of audience — your potential customers. You can approach the sites that your competitors are contributing to and easily have a lot of options to choose from. 

Check out this post for an in-depth guide to guest post outreach for eCommerce stores. 


Collaborating with credibly established blogs 


Collaborating with blogs that are credible and already established i.e. have an audience base already and possess authority is important if you want a flow of audience towards your brand. It is a waste of time and effort if you are writing blogs but no one is reading them or interacting with them. No matter how closely related such businesses are to your brand, the lack of audience makes everything pretty useless as the whole point of guest blogging is increasing traffic. 


Before you undertake any outreach, you need to create a list of sites to target. The quickest way to find lots of relevant websites in your niche is to review the backlink profile of your biggest competitor or a leading publication. Let me give you an example of how to do this.

I’m operating in the marketing niche. One of the biggest sites in this niche by traffic volume is Hubspot. When I enter their details in Ahrefs, I can see key stats about the site.

Click here for an in-depth guide on guest post outreach.


Keep your unique brand image forward


When it comes to quality, a guest post is not the time to cut corners. It’s the polar opposite.

Unlike your own blog’s audience, this brand new audience has no idea who you are. You haven’t influenced them, yet. They can be skeptical since they’re reading material that is different than what they’re used to. You must accept the possibility that these readers might be critical of your writing style at first. Don’t let them down. Your guest articles should be a close match to the content on your website. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.


If you’re known for being witty or snarky in your writing, stick with it. Just make certain it’s done in a classy manner. Offending someone or damaging your business is the last thing you want to do. That isn’t going to help you obtain more visitors to your website.


Hook up the audience 


Guest blogging for eCommerce stores is a total waste of time if no one is reading them. To get people to read your content, you have to make the content hooking so that once they start reading, they cannot stop because of curiosity. The best way to do so is to make the introduction of the blog interesting and intriguing so that readers get hooked up to the desire to know more about it. 

Understanding your subject matter is vital to keep your writing correct and accurate. You may find yourself doing extra research to develop your knowledge on a subject or fact-checking things you thought you knew. Educating yourself and gaining experience is never a bad idea, but it can take a lot of extra time and effort. Planning your work and writing can help break down the task, and make it seem less overwhelming. However, you like to plan; lists, bullet points or diagrams, keep clear and detailed notes on your subjects to ensure that your writing is as informative as possible.


Building backlinks 


You cannot expect people to find your website if you don’t provide a link for them to click on. Expecting people to look up your name on Google, research to find what firm you run, and then go to your website from there is very unrealistic as no one will go through all of those stages.

Instead, simply provide natural hyperlinks throughout your posts’ body. Writing guest blogs are one of the best techniques to build backlinks regularly. People will click on your link and be taken immediately to your website if you do it right. That’s not all, though. Your SEO rating will improve if you have backlinks from other reputable websites. As a consequence, you’ll see a rise in your earnings.


Keep writing consistently 


Don’t imagine that writing one guest article will be enough to boost your site’s traffic. If they let it, keep writing on that blog.

It’s not necessary to go excessive. Once or twice a month should be enough. Just because one website has been successful doesn’t imply it has to be the only one to which you offer guest pieces. Make contact with other brands as well. Start writing for as many sites on the internet as possible without becoming overburdened. Your site or brand should not suffer because of your guest posting. Ensure that you maintain a healthy balance and that your quality does not decrease. However, the more sites for which you write, the better your prospects of increasing traffic to your website.




Guest blogging for eCommerce stores, contrary to common thought, is an excellent content marketing approach to build your customer base and drive sales. Even better — It’s a low-cost technique that works.

Don’t forget! You need to contact only reputable blogs and propose a guest post proposal.

Maintain your individuality. You’d like this new audience to appreciate your work so they’ll come to your website. Tell your tale to demonstrate that you are an authority in a specific area.