10 Tips for Growing Your Facebook Following Quickly 

If you’re struggling with audience building you’re not alone and these tips will help you grow your Facebook following more quickly.

Growing Your Facebook Following

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If you’re looking to boost your brand recognition on social media, growing your Facebook following is essential. Thankfully, there are some simple ways you can take to quickly and easily increase the number of followers you have on Facebook. With just a few simple tips and tricks, you can increase your follower count in no time. 


Read on for our top 10 tips for getting more Facebook followers fast! 

1. Post-Great Content 

The key to growing your Facebook following is to create content that people will want to follow. Post content that is interesting and engaging, as well as visually appealing. Make sure you have high-quality images and videos that will grab people’s attention and keep them coming back for more. 

2. Write a Professional Bio 

Your bio should be short and sweet but it should also tell visitors exactly who you are and what your Account is about. Include relevant keywords that will help with SEO rankings so that potential followers can easily find your account when searching for topics related to yours. This way is particularly important if you’re trying to attract followers from outside of your current network.  

3. Use Hashtags 

Using hashtags on your posts allows them to be seen by a larger audience than just those already following you. Choose hashtags that are relevant to the topic of the post, as well as popular industry-related tags. This will increase the chances of being seen by potential new followers who may not have seen or heard of you before but might be interested in what you have to say or offer.  

4. Place a Widget on Your Blog 

Adding a widget to your blog or website can help spread the word about your Facebook account quickly. People visiting your blog will see the widget and have easy access to click on it if they like what they see and want more information or updates from you via Facebook. This method can work especially well if someone has already visited your blog and liked what they read because they are likely to follow up by clicking the widget too!  

5. Engage With Others

Engaging with other users on Facebook is an essential part of building relationships within the platform which will ultimately lead more people down the path toward becoming followers of yours too! Commenting on posts, liking posts, and sharing content all these activities help build trust with other users which could result in more followers down the line!  

6. Make Sure Your Content is Shareable 

It may sound obvious, but if you want people to share your content, it has to be shareable in the first place! Make sure that your posts are easy to read and contain catchy headlines that will grab people’s attention. Linking back to related websites or other posts is a great way to encourage engagement and make it easy for users to spread the word about your content. 

7. Reshare Other People’s Content 

Sharing other people’s content is a great way of boosting engagement with your fans. Not only does this show that you value their opinions and ideas, but it also provides an incentive for them to follow and engage with you in return. Make sure that all content you reshare is relevant to your brand or industry so as not to confuse or alienate potential followers.    

8. Reach Out To Influencers   

Reaching out to influencers in your industry or niche can be a great way of increasing the visibility of your account and attracting more followers. By engaging with influencers who have large followings, they can help spread the word about what you do and encourage their own communities of followers to check out your account too. Reach out personally rather than just sending generic messages or requests this will give you a much better chance at establishing connections with key influencers in the space.  

9. Posting regularly

Posting regularly is one of the best ways of keeping existing followers engaged and gaining new ones too. Try posting at least once a day more often if possible and make sure each post contains something interesting that encourages people to like or comment on it. You could try posting polls, asking questions, sharing user-generated content such as photos or videos, etc., all of which are proven ways of driving engagement among fans.  

10. Follow Other Users 

Following other users is another great way of increasing brand visibility on Facebook and attracting new followers in return. The key here is finding those users who have similar interests as yours so that their communities become aware of what you do and hopefully follow suit! Spend some time researching potential accounts whose audiences could be interested in what you’re doing and start following them yourself; chances are many will reciprocate by following back as well as spreading the word about what you do!  


Growing your Facebook following doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming if done correctly. With these ten tips, you’ll soon start seeing an influx of new fans and followers eager to engage with what you have to say resulting in increased visibility for both yourself and your business! Any business owner should be able to quickly attract more followers on Facebook which means increased brand visibility, website traffic, and eventually sales too! Remember though when it comes down to it, quality trumps quantity every time so focus on providing valuable information that resonates with existing fans while seeking new ones too! So whether you’re a small business owner trying to grow their brand or just an individual looking for more engagement online, there is something here for everyone! Start implementing these strategies today and watch as your follower count skyrockets!