5 Steps To Grow Ecommerce Sales From Instagram 

When done right, Instagram can be a powerful channel to grow Ecommerce sales, learn how in 5 simple steps.

Grow Ecommerce Sales

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 


Instagram is one of the most popular platforms to grow sales for Ecommerce. Digital marketers and influencers alike are flocking to Instagram to boost customer engagement and drive sales. With the proper steps, Instagram is a great tool for boosting the growth of your product line. This post is going to cover the proper marketing techniques for Instagram to generate great revenue for your business.  


Instagram is a platform that heavily depends on user-shared images and visual content. If you aim to boost your sales through the platform, it is imperative that any business share visuals through their posts.  

People will immediately take notice of visual content. If it pleases their eyes, they will interact with it. The more creatively you can market your product through visuals and various social media marketing tools, you will be noticed by businesses and individuals giving you a chance to grow.  

Having promotions, advertisements, and setting up an Instagram shop are some ways to a have dedicated place to showcase your product. Showcasing can be done through engagements and tie-ins with other influencers and businesses.  


It might take up time for you to get noticed, but one of the most efficient ways to ensure you do get noticed is through constant engagements with your community. Comments and posts on a regular basis will help you establish a connection while organizing giveaways and rewards for people who follow you will provide additional motivation for people to follow you. 

Utilize your reviews in your community engagements. Mention positive comments and recommendations from satisfied customers. Utilize this with visuals or photos of customers with your product. This helps in creating a more relatable image for your community. This can be done with Instagram stories and reel features. Providing a more realistic glimpse of your feature.  

Instagram allows for direct links to stores, websites, and other pages. This is an essential tool for marketers. If you want people to buy your product, then having these links in your profile and posts will allow instant access. The faster a person can reach your product, the higher likelihood of them interacting and buying it.  


Instagram is a platform that is filled with influencers. Each influencer has a certain audience and different ways of interacting with them. choose who you recruit carefully. A wrong influencer creates the wrong type of influence on your base.  

Having influencers with trusty followers will definitely lead to a lot of sales or at least traffic. Having a personality promote or even use your product allows the customers to gauge the product and develop a certain trust in it 

Influencers don’t always need to be hired or recruited. Many have their own businesses and cross-promotion is a really helpful technique wherein you promote and feature their product while they do the same for you. This not only builds trust and partnership with the influencer but you create goodwill on the platform. 


With photos and videos being posted on the platform every minute, it is important that what is being presented is unique and Stands out from the rest.  

Economic growth in online sales is the end product of a creative process on the platform. Skipping out this process would be detrimental not only to your sales but your business loses its chance to show talent.  

Content that makes the user want to click on the link or check a product that looks interesting the most basic step in digital marketing. Inviting traffic requires a good amount of work on a competitive platform like Instagram. 

Nowadays, escape rooms have become popular and many companies in the industry have grown tremendously due to creative content being shared online on social media sites such as Instagram. Escape room is a very personal experience that can be marketed through social media sites effectively as creativity is one of the factors involved in making an escape room. The tremendous growth of the industry is proof that creative and new ways of entertaining people will attract their attention. 



Perhaps the most basic, obvious, and important step is to have a plan. Figure out your business. Analyze the amount of work that will be needed in establishing a consumer base through Instagram. 

A plan for ecommerce growth requires identifying key areas of impact and function. If your brand cannot influence a certain type of community or it is not meant for a certain type of community then do not spend time, money, and energy on promoting it to them.  

Having stated that Instagram is a competitive platform, it is only natural to assume that someone out there is doing what you will be doing. Thus, having a plan in such a scenario is a must to avoid burnout. It will help your business survive and ultimately grow economically.  



Instagram is a big platform with a huge active user base. If people like something on this platform they will actively follow it. Due to vertical scrolling, it is for people to scroll past hundreds of posts each day, if you’re going to use this platform, then you need to ensure you can impact the minds of the people.  

If people simply scroll past your post then it will not be good for your product sales. These five steps will help in ensuring good economic growth for your online business.