Amazing Graphic Design Ideas for Solar Company Startups

With Solar companies on the rise, if you’re a startup get the best graphic design ideas to set your business apart.

Graphic Design Ideas for Solar Company Startups

Image Source: Next Up Renewables


Renewable energy solutions will become more prevalent, there simply is no way around it.

Your solar or wind renewables company is looking for new and exciting ways to get their brand in front of potential customers and you’re going to need some great graphic design ideas.

While great written text is a benefit to this, your advertising must have bright, colorful graphics to catch the eye and draw the interest of those who see it. Having the right photos and logos that can be adjusted to suit your needs are a necessity to your successful campaign.

Here are a few graphic design ideas to help shape your new renewables company. 

Collect High Quality Photos That You Can Use

As you are planning your marketing campaign, reach out to everyone that you believe has graphics of your solar company. This group can include anyone from sales, customer service, production, or management. Have them email or transfer the images to you in the highest resolution possible for the greatest clarity. Offer to scan any physical pictures that they have in their possession. As you gather these photos and logos, set up a file on your computer to store them in. You can organize them further by subcategories so that finding them is a simpler process when you need them. Set up the individual sections for easier organization but be sure to label them clearly with what the file contains. 

Ensure the Marketing Graphics You Use Align With the Message Of Your Company

Study the graphics that you have assembled to be certain that they reflect the message that your business wants to convey. Whether you are selling solar panels to be used in homes or are managing a solar farm, the images and logos that you choose should reflect that purpose. Utilizing a photo that is foreign to the solar industry, even if you believe it will work with your advertising, can confuse current and future clients. It can make them question what it is that you actually do. Evaluate each picture to be sure that it speaks the message for your company before you add it to your website or any other type of advertising. 

Use The Same Logo For All Of Your Marketing

When a potential client sees your logo, they should instantly think about your company. This can be a problem if you have multiple designs within your organization. Schedule a time for representatives from different departments within your business to get together to discuss which graphic best represents what you do and the benefits that you provide. Design a few options for them to look at and take them with you to the meeting. Allow enough time for a thorough discussion so that everyone can agree on one specific logo. It is a good idea to bring your laptop with you so that you can make any alterations to the one chosen if you need to. Be sure that you have the correct program installed on your system to do this, especially if you have been building them on a desktop computer instead. 

Build a Style Guide That Can Assist You As You Construct Your Marketing

Using multiple colors, fonts, sizes, and graphics to create your marketing can confuse your customers and lose their interest. Consolidating your choices down to specific letters and shades will allow your consumer to recognize them like they identify your logo. However, remember what you utilize every time can be a challenge unless you document it. Set aside time in your schedule to write a style guide for your full year of advertising. This should include the exact font style and size you wish to incorporate in every ad, the specific tints of color you want, and the design and dimensions of your logo. You can also construct a guide for any outside agencies that assists you with your marketing so that they also follow what you intend your advertising and communications to look like.

See What Other Solar Companies Are Doing

Before you finalize your logo, research what other companies have done to promote their business. You want your design to be unique from others so that it stands out and gets noticed by those interested in your solar products. If your graphic compares in any way, your customer could believe you are the same company and do business with them instead of you. While you can use the same image to promote your business, such as a sun or a solar panel, you should vary the way it appears to make it distinct. You can alter the color or soften it to make it different. Making your logo one of a kind will lead clients who want to work with you to your organization by just a glance.

Know What Demographic That You Want To Reach

While you are designing the graphics that you will use in your marketing campaigns, keep who you want to reach in mind as you do so. If your target market are corporations or individuals with high incomes, you will want to use clear, modern logos, simple fonts, and bold, basic colors. Cartoon-like images, playful fonts, and vibrant, crazy colors might be a problem for your organization because your clients will have an issue taking you seriously. Study who buys the most product from you or purchases the most services. Compile the data together then sort it by age, location, and net income. The group that stands out to you as the largest would be the demographic that you should connect with. Research the other brands that they prefer as a template of what you should strive for but make your marketing materials unique to what your brand represents. 

Make Sure Your Graphics Can Work Over Many Platforms

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As you work with your photos and logos, design them to work in multiple applications. You will be using these on your website, social media platforms, and in the emails and newsletters that you send digitally to your customers. You will also add these to the print forms, business cards, and letterhead your company will order. The graphics should be in a file format that you can scale to the size that you need while still maintaining the clarity of the image. Limit your logo to a few colors as you develop it. If you add several shades, it could blur or smear when you print it out. Save what you have created in their own, separate file and label each with the specific image. You should add the size or resolution that you used as well so you can choose the one that you need at the time quickly. Having bright, eye catching logos or graphics for your solar company will draw the attention of new and existing customers to your business. 


There’s no shortage of graphic design ideas out there. Taking the time to create ones that are unique to the industry, consistent with every piece of your advertising, and represent the message of your brand will help every campaign you lead be successful and profitable.