A Graphic Design Firm To Grow Your Company

Having a full-service graphic design firm to build your brand is key.

Building your company is more than simply hiring a designer; it’s about hiring a partner well versed in creativity, strategy, and message delivery. A partner that can help build your brand inclusive of all supporting marketing materials, whether print or online, in order to deliver your brand message. We’ve been helping businesses design, develop and launch successful brands for over 10 years. Pixel can be more than just your graphic design firm, we’ll be your turn-key brand development partner, shaping everything from your logo to your responsive website driven by targeting marketing to build your brand identity.

You can find designers anywhere, with Pixel, you get a dedicated graphic, web and marketing team ready to help you launch and grow. Take a look below to see exactly how we can help.

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What can we do to help build your brand and company?

Let’s walk through a real world brand build…

1) First We Start With Concepts, Logo Ideas, Sketches and Presentations.

Salmon Golf is a great example to illustrate how we can help an early phase company develop their brand identity and bring a product to market. When the owners of Salmon Golf approached us they had less than 2 months to develop a professional brand complete with dozens of marketing materials and hundreds of brand components for the initial launch at the Florida PGA show. In short, they needed a great graphic design firm and a whole bunch of other services to get the job done. Fortunately, those are the services we specialize in.

Key Take Aways: Work Quickly, Deliver On Time, Stay On Budget

salmon-golf-logoThe perfect place to start… their logo. It was essential to SG to have an iconic stylized logo symbol that would represent the face of their cutting edge golf putting system.

With all design projects, we start with unique concepts to present to the client. We then work with the client to perfect that one logo idea that captures the essence of what they’re seeking.

Logo Design


2) Product Photography & Supporting Graphic Elements

Product photography

A logo is important, but we all know images tell the story. When launching a new product, any product, the photography is what sells it. Salmon Golf knew exactly how important it was to have phenomenal product photography and supporting brand elements to round out their brand image, make an impact on potential buyers, and look like a well-established business.

Key Take Aways: One Design Firm for all of your big agency needs.

D'Miles Owner Salmon GolfWe do everything in-house here at Pixel and we were able to cut a lot of time by shooting all of their products right here during development. We were also able to help them prep with ad and bio photos that would be featured in Golf Week prior to the trade show.

All of these elements work together to create something much more important than a cool look; and that is to instill consumer confidence. Never underestimate how important that is.

Product Photography


3) Building Out Trade Show Displays and Marketing Materials

Trade Show and Marketing Material Design

We can eliminate the need to source multiple vendors for the creation of your marketing collateral. We created multiple trade show displays for Salmon Golf including a 10ft free standing back drop, 3 pop-up displays all light-weight and easily portable with carrying cases.

Key Take Aways: no matter what marketing materials you need, we can help.

printed marketing materials
We sent Salmon Golf to the PGA Show fully equipped with an arsenal of custom marketing collateral ranging from custom brochures, sales and pricing sheets, boxed packaging for prototypes, video displays, business cards and much more.

What you can see here is that we’re more than just a design team, we’re a team dedicated to providing you with the confidence and materials to launch successfully.

Marketing Collateral


4) Package Design, Development and Product Solutions

POP-display-packagingAgain, using Salmon Golf as our example, we can illustrate a wide variety of design services offered here at Pixel. Salmon Golf was bringing a cutting edge new product to the retail market which necessitates product packaging that stands out and tells the complete story.

We were able to create, design and develop packaging for their initial product line as well as POP displays and marketing assets for retail locations. There were several design challenges that we had to face in order to meet Salmon Golf’s requirements.

The 8 retail ready box packages were relatively straight forward. The POP Display was a creative challenge that ultimately turned out phenomenal. The POP combined all branding components in a ready to ship display set up that incorporated a multi-media demonstration of the product in use with Pro golfer testimonials ~ a true success.

Package Design

5) Custom Ecommerce Website Design

sg-website-developmentWe all know that no business is complete without a website, but more importantly a business needs a website that not only delivers their brand message, but does it in a way that is intuitive and easy for the end user and the content manager.

Salmon Golf required an Ecommerce ready website to reflect their brand image, demonstrate product usability and accommodate online sales for both wholesale and retail customers.

We created a custom website using the BigCommerce Platform to accomplish all of Salmon Golf’s aesthetic and functional requirements. We continue to assist Salmon Golf with their continued expansion and marketing efforts, that being said, we also trained their team on how to manage and maintain their website; which they do effortlessly.

Find out how we can help make business easier for you too.

Custom Web Design


9) Printing and Production

design-and-printing-servicesJust to reiterate, we are truly a full-service graphic and web design firm, able to help you from start to finish. All of the items shown here were not only designed and developed here at Pixel, they were printed and produced here and with our manufacturing partners.

We can help make things easier for your business.

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What can you expect with our graphic design services?

Clear Project Scope

As with any of our design and development processes, from package design to web development, we start with a clearly presented project scope. Since every business, brand, package and website is unique, our policy is to provide custom quotes for every project. In our proposals we clearly lay out our design process, project goals and bench marks, break down in pricing for different elements, and how the finished design assets will be provided.

Our Design Process

No matter what type of design work you require, as a professional graphic design firm, our process begins with understanding your business goals and budget. We don’t design for design’s sake here — we believe in concept oriented design with specific goals in mind. We are not a graphic design company who uses cookie cutter tactics — the whole purpose of what we do is to deliver a message, so we believe businesses appreciate a little thought going into the message they are putting out.

Design Assurance

How do I know that I’m going to love the web design you create for me? Our design process begins with understanding your likes and dislikes as well as researching and understanding your business niche. Our typical design process is to start with 2-3 initial directions. 99.9% of the time a client is either thrilled with one of the directions or likes multiple directions with minor modifications. The ultimate goal is to work with you to refine one concept that you absolutely love. If you happen to fall into the .1% who doesn’t fall in love with an initial design concept — it’s ok. We will re-evaluate the situation with you and come back with designs that you do love.

Who uses Pixel Productions?

In life, none of us are name droppers, but in business we understand that name recognition carries a lot of weight, so here’s a short list of some companies we’ve helped with brand building, packaging, and web development. . .

Colorbök, Berwick Offrey, Disney, DelRio Vineyards, The History Channel’s Pawn Stars, CustomInk, Harry & David, Florida State University, Cambium Learning, and Gryphon Games to name a few.