2022 Best Google Reviews Plugins for WordPress

Convert more visitors on WordPress with any of these Google Reviews Plugins that make it simple to display your 5-star customer reviews increasing CTR to your website.

Google Reviews Plugins

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WordPress is one of the prominent choices as a website building platform; it is easy to use and helps users have an online presence. While it is essential to have an online presence, it is equally important to prove the credibility of your business in the online space. Hence, you might have noticed that many brands are now opting to embed a Google review widget on their WordPress website. 


There are a lot of reasons to join this bandwagon, and this post is going to show you how to easily find various Google reviews plugins for WordPress that provide a simplified embedding process. In this blog, we have mentioned top-rated plugins that provide you with a dedicated Google review widget for WordPress. You can easily find these plugins and use them to flaunt reviews related to your brand.


2022 Best Google Reviews Plugins for WordPress

The Google review widget works like an operational block on the website that enables you to showcase Google reviews without hampering the speed and quality of your website. The plugins mentioned below not only provide you with dedicated Google reviews widgets but also offers a simplified embedding process.

1. Google Reviews Plugin by Tagembed

Google Reviews Plugin by Tagembed

The first name on our list is Google Reviews Plugins by Tagembed. It is one of the finest and best-rated plugins on the plugin store. The plugin helps users collect reviews from their respective Google My Business accounts, enables them to curate and customize the collect feed, and assists in displaying reviews on your website. It is coding free plugin that makes it easy to use. In simple words, even if you don’t have any coding experience or belong to a non-technical background, you can still embed the Google review widget on any WordPress website with ease.


The plugin also offers various features to improve the performance and beauty of the widget. These features include a customization option that allows you to personalize your widget as per your need. You can change font sizes, font styles, widget colors, and more. You can also select an appropriate theme and layout for your widget per the style and vibe of your website from the various options the plugins provide. A proper theme and layout not only makes the website pleasing to the eye but also makes the website look well organized.


You can also use the moderation feature that enables you to remove the reviews that you think are inappropriate or mislead your consumers. You can either remove them manually or use a profanity filter that eliminates the reviews with the provided keywords. Moreover, the widget refreshes the feed automatically to exhibit all the latest reviews, which means there is no need to update or repeat any step to add reviews manually. Custom CSS, custom CTA, and analytics are some of the other notable features of the plugin.

2. Widget for Google Reviews by Trustindex.io


The Trustindex.io Google reviews widget helps you to flaunt your reviews on your website and win the trust of your consumers. Reviews work like social proof for the consumers and help them in making their purchase decisions. By using this Widget for Google Reviews by Trustindex, you can embed the Google review widget on a WordPress site in under 2 minutes.


The widget from this Google review plugin for WordPress is responsive, which means it adjusts itself as per different screen resolutions without hampering website alignments. So, no matter what device your visitors are using, they will be able to see the widget and add reviews without any hassle.


You can even improve the look of your Google review widget by selecting the appropriate layout and design from the wide range offered by the plugin. The plugin is compatible with short code, making your process simple. Moreover, it keeps the reviews in a WordPress database; hence there is no loading time. 

3. Reviews Block for Google by WP Business Reviews


Reviews Block for Google by WP Business Reviews also helps businesses to build a review cycle. Consumers feel valued whenever a brand displays its reviews on the brand’s website. It encourages other consumers to write reviews, building a review cycle. And we all know as there will be more reviews, it will be better.


Reviews block for Google by WP Business Reviews is another amazing Google review WordPress plugin for WordPress that helps you in this cause. With the use of this plugin, you can easily add Google reviews to your WordPress website and showcase reviews with ease.


Like the plugins mentioned above, this plugin makes the embedding process super simple and also offers various features that add great value to your website. For example, it allows you to showcase up to 5 business reviews. The reviews also make the website more engaging and help to keep your visitor hooked to your website. It eventually helps to reduce your website’s bounce rate and increase your website traffic.

Over to You

There you have it; these are the 3 best Google review plugins for WordPress that enable you to embed Google Reviews on WordPress and helps you in reaching your business goals. As the competition in the market is getting fierce, it is important to prove credibility for your brand. 


A brand with credibility and reliability is likely to garner more clicks than businesses without.


So what are you waiting for?


Find these plugins on the WordPress store add reviews to your website and take your business to new heights.