Google announced that it is starting to roll out structured snippet extensions for text ads. These enable advertisers to provide structured information to show up in their ads.

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You can select a predefined header and enter a list of customized values that make sense for your business. Google uses the example of a hotel brand promoting a hotel property and creating a structured snippet for “Amenities” like so:

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.52.23 PM

“Earlier this year, we introduced dynamic structured snippets,”
says product manager Senthil Hariramasamy. “This automated ad extension gives your customers a better sense of the content on your website before they click on your ad. Whether it’s highlighting a list of hotel amenities or top clothing brands, dynamic structured snippets make your search ads more relevant and helpful while saving you time and simplifying campaign management.”

“Over the past few months, many of you have been seeing tremendous success with dynamic structured snippets,” Hariramasamy adds. “And we’ve heard that you sometimes want to customize the information that shows in this format.”

That’s where the new extensions come in. Google talks about when to use structured snippets and when to use callouts here.

The new feature will be rolling out to all AdWords accounts over the coming weeks.

Image via Google