Google Answer Box: What is it and How Does it Affect SEO?

Google Answer Box – Google has come up with another new feature that is changing the face of SEO by adding an Answer Box to the search results.

googel answer box


Google has done it yet again. It has sneakily come up with another new feature that is changing the face of SEO, as we have known it. The Google Answer Box has now been added to the search results. This includes a snippet of text that Google algorithm finds relevant and useful concerning your query. It wasn’t until 2016 that brands started realizing the significance of the Answer Box and started using it.

Google uses selected keywords and behavior models to draw up meaningful search results. Google always tests out new features and new updates. However, it looks like  Google Answer Box is here to stay.

What difference is Google Answer Box making?

Google Answer Box is attracting an astounding 32.3 percent CTR.

You should know that rank #1 is now getting only 25% CTR.

Answer Box is making the text more visible for users. This is attracting more clicks and a higher CTR. The rank of the Answer Box is still controversial. This is currently the grade #0 in the SERP.

Our recent study involving the advent of the Answer Box has shown us, the presence of the Answer Box causes the CTR of result #1 to drop by at least 18%.

This happens when the keywords are identical. This can be a little confusing if you do not have a reputable SEO consultancy firm to walk you through. It is possible that your website does not lose any rank, yet it loses significant CTR just because it does not make it to the Google Answer Box.

How to acquire the Google Answer Box?

By now, you must have understood why the SEO consultancies and top SEO companies are running after securing the Answer Box for their clients. It is a rich feature from Google that can change the present and the future of your business.

So consultants from a top SEO Company have come up with a 5-step strategy that will give your brand a chance to make it to the Answer Box.

  1. The triggers –

Google SEO has always worked on triggers. Therefore, the first step is to understand how to manipulate your keywords and website elements to make it to the Answer Box.

First, you need to get a keyword tool like ALPS or SEMrush that can tell you which keywords are trending right now. If you are working with a good SEO company, your business can map out the keyword details against the Answer Box data to see how they are related.


Once you are doing chalking out a plan for yourself, move on to your competitors. Overlay your data across theirs. This will give you an understanding of the competitive landscape.

  1. 2×2 keyword matrix –

We use a simple 2×2 matrix for the categorization of all collected data. You need authority and relevance to make it to the sacred square. You need keywords as well as authority signals to drive high traffic to your website.


Quadrant 1: collect some high-ranking keywords from SEMrush. Check if they rank for the top 5 rank positions.

Quadrant 2: filter your keywords according to highest volume and mixed authority.

Quadrant 3: find keyword terms that possess authority signals from rank five onwards. This will boost your relevance for a good payout.

Quadrant 4: fill this one with keywords selected from your competitive landscape. These will give you new opportunities to create new blog and content.


This 2×2-keyword matrix will take care of all your keyword needs. You can also turn to a local SEO consultant for help with the keyword tools since they can get on your nerves after a while.

  1. Adding more elements –

To make things more interesting, let us start with an example – your website has all the answers with relevant keywords to a user’s question. Therefore, it receives a positive score from Google and has the chances of making it to the box. Your competitor website has the answers, keywords and additional elements. It includes images, infographics, and videos relevant to the search.


Your competitor website is now not only providing all the answers, but it is also offering a better user experience. This is brilliant regarding CTR, and it will have a higher chance of making it to the box.


Understanding what makes your target audience happy plays a key role in securing a higher rank. However, it has never been as important since it can now dictate if your website will make it to the Answer Box or not. This requires SEO expertise that only an experienced company can offer.

  1. It’s a game of jeopardy –

Getting tools to point out the right keywords, the trending searches, and your competitor performance is one thing. Predicting what will make Google users tick is another. Google is trying to interpret the intent of every search and “understand” what your potential customer is looking for.


The Answer Box will have all the relevant answers. Now, you need to figure out what the question will be. It is Jeopardy all over again! It is all about perfecting UX, and you need to keep that in mind while designing your content.

  1. Is rank one still rank 1?

Sadly, no! Rank1 has lower CTR as compared to the Answer Box. We have seen up to rank five results make it to the box. It is an excellent blend of authority, relevance, and UX that drives the CTR right now. Rank 1 does not guarantee any of the perks that it used to, anymore.

Leading SEO consultants from believe that it is indeed rewarding to see Google focus on UX rather than keyword placements. This will improve the relevance and outcome of the searches. Achieving #1 position in the SERP was no big deal with the aid of a skilled optimization company, but these new updates will take a lot finer work and understanding of what Google wants. This is the next generation of Google search, and it is here to stay. So fasten your seatbelts, it’s time for another fast ride.