Google AdWords to Launch New Click to Text Message Extension

Adwords marketers are always looking for ways to enhance their PPC campaigns and the new click to text message extension could be a great way to improve ROI.


new adwords extension


Extensions are a great way to enhance your AdWords campaigns, adding new functionality to further increase your reach and return on investment (ROI). The call extension, for instance, displays a click-to-call button within your PPC ad for users on mobile devices, while the location extension displays your business’s street address.

But there’s a new extension that’s coming to AdWords: the click to text message extension.


Currently in beta testing, the click to text message extension does just that: it allows users to send a text message to a business simply by clicking a button within the business’s PPC ad.

It works in the same manner as the aforementioned call extension. Users on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices will see the click-to-text button in the business’s PPC ad. And if they click this button, it opens their device’s text messaging app, allowing them to create and send a text message to the respective business.


Why is Google releasing a click-to-text extension when AdWords already supports click-to-call?

Well, perhaps it’s because many mobile device users prefer texting over calling.

According to a report cited by the Chicago Tribune, Americans send and receive five times more texts than phone calls. The report also found that Americans spend roughly 26 minutes per day texting. Given these statistics, it’s not surprising that Google is launching a new click-to-text extension for AdWords.


Google has published several success case stories of brands using its new click-to-text extension. One of these stories involves Auto General, which reportedly experienced 80% higher conversions when using the new extension. Travel Pass Group also noted a strong improvement in its conversion, reporting 41% higher conversions with the click-to-text extension as opposed to other extensions.


In the first 60 days of trial, GeoMoment and their customer Warren Henry Automotive Group reported a 265% increase in click-through-rates on AdWords when changing the call-to-action from placing a phone call to sending a pre-canned message to text with a dealership representative. Furthermore, GeoMoment reported a 400-500% increase on traditional non-AdWords banner ads when adding the call-to-action for texting. ~


In the coming weeks, we’re introducing click-to-message ads to bring the efficiency and effectiveness of messaging to search ads. By setting up a message extension, you’ll give users an easy way to text you to start a conversation and continue it whenever is most convenient for them,” wrote Google in a blog post announcing the new click-to-message extension.


Of course, the click-to-text extension is only useful for businesses if those businesses check their text messages – and respond to them – on a regular basis. If you rarely check your mobile device, perhaps it’s best to avoid using this new extension. Because failure to respond to a customer’s text message could discourage them from buying your product or service.