10 Charismatic Ideas for Generating Leads Via Social Media

For a business, generating leads via social media is the goal, but social marketing requires a charismatic and personal touch, like these 10 powerful ideas.

Generating Leads Via Social Media


The most precise steps to witness the successful lead generation dares to impact your businesses in a minimal timeframe.


Lead generation is the most integral part of any business that intends to be an apple of social media eyes. If you are looking for another uphill task for lead generation while seeing 3.6 billion social media users worldwide, you live in a fool’s paradise.


60% of marketers seriously considering social media to generate organic leads. This article is your source on how you should approach generating leads via social media.

The Facts Around Social Media

Out of 7.82 billion people worldwide, 50.64% of the population uses social networks and could be your next buyer. Almost 23% of internet users spend their hours on social media and articles to get relevant and fresh information.

Magnifying Powerful Tactics for Generating Leads via Social Media

1. Link Sharing Is Essential

You need to inject links into your informative content like reports, press releases, articles, videos to generate organic leads. Worldwide almost 5000 leads are sourced by businesses using social media. 

77% of B2B buyers loved to do independent research before making purchase decisions.

This is great insight into your customers preferred method of consuming information. People don’t like to talk to customer service if they can get the information they need from your website. Smart companies use social media to proved gated content to get the customer’s basic information via the form-filling process and also deliver high quality answers to their customers — it’s mutually beneficial. 

2. Paid Advertising Is Essential

Look, if you want reach on social media you have to pay for it.

That being said, social media is one of the most affordable avenues for reach. Facebook is a great platform to start on because it owns Instagram, so marketers can run the same ads there to gather an Instagram audience effectively.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for B2B leads, then LinkedIn could be the most effective platform for you. Almost 45% of marketers have increased their customer base through LinkedIn. More than 675 million active professionals are using LinkedIn, so you can definitely find your targeted audience through paid advertising.

3. The Power of Social Media Contests

Running an exciting contest on social media could be advantageous for your brand. Brands who run contests often experience massive lead generation. There are several contests out there, such as Photo Contest, Short Video Contest, and Check-in to Win Contests. The contest’s participants share their fantastic experience with friends and office-mates by sharing, retweeting, liking, and following your contests that dare to create a viral influence on your contest for organic lead generation.

4. Chatbots Can Automate Your Lead Generation

Chatbots are the quickest and most effective way to automate a personalized lead generation process on social media. Chatbots can do human tasks faster by facilitating your organic or non-organic clients by providing the right information quickly. AI-generated chatbots can communicate in bulk and in a personal brand reflective manner. Chatbots are bold enough to convince your audience to purchase something by sharing relevant information.

5. The Power of Dynamic Video Marketing

60% of big brands are making the most of video marketing to gain massive lead generation on social networks. Video marketing can contain your brand’s event updates, recent stories, company profile videos, and comments on social posts.

  • All your videos should have a call to action. 
  • Share videos about what you want to gain in return or educate people.
  • Make several videos for different social media platforms. 
  • Choose the type of your videos, such as demo video, product video, and services.

6. Working With Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers have a big fan-following, and brands can tap into the power of these influencers to generate leads via social media. Influencer marketing adheres to help your brands boost their awareness and connect with an organic audience.


  • The influencer promotes brands in their photos and videos on various social media channels.
  • They can drive their followers to brands for lead generation by positively reviewing your products and services.
  • People love to do what their influencers are doing so they can purchase brand services.

7. Referral Campaigns Are Jackpots

Brands can run a referral campaign to encourage existing customers to help grow the brands’ customer base naturally. Word of mouth is powerful and these current customers can recommend brands to their friends, family, and colleagues much more effectively to magnify the brand’s strength. Almost 92% of customers go for recommendations. You can also offer gift and discount coupons to your existing customers in exchange for promoting your referral campaigns for organic lead generation.

8. Engage Organic Traffic Via Intuitive Webinars

Webinars are a great way to engage with the audience.

Webinars present the perfect platform to share information about your product, features, benefits, and a lot more.

In fact, 74.3% of webinars help brands share product features with their target audience. Also, 85.8% of webinars are about product demos.

Webinars can serve as an effective tool in lead generation and lead nurturing.

Most SaaS companies, 87.1% to be exact, seek information from the audience before allowing access to their webinar content.

This strategy works because most people don’t mind sharing information to watch informative and useful webinars.

Pre-recorded webinars (92.31%) appear to be more famous than live ones (55.2%) for SaaS companies.

Webinars also give you a chance to interact with industry experts. That’s because over 75% of all webinars are in the interview format.

The audience can quickly attend these online webinars, learn things, and become the reason for social media lead generation. You can highlight your webinars through blogs and articles.

9. Retargeting Your Soft Audience

Brands can retarget their old customers in various ways to engage them again. It’s so much easier to bring a previously interested customer back into the fold. 

Search Retargeting: Brands can essentially go after individuals who have searched the web using specific keywords or particular phrases relevant to your business, products, and services.

Email Retargeting: Brands can send emails to customers who have already engaged with your brands.

You can use heatmaps and trace out the visitors to send them emails, discounts offer, coupons regarding your services and products.

10. Create a Social Media Community

Creating a social media community allows brands to stay connected with their potential customer base and helps brands to increase their awareness. Brands can build groups on various social media platforms for social media lead generation.

  • Brands can build solid bonding with their customers and new traffic.
  • Brands can educate people, share company events, products, and services for lead generations.
  • Brands initially allow their audience to come up with their suggestions, opinions, and feedback.

Wrapping Up

53% of savvy marketers put their entire budget into generating leads via social media. With these highly successful lead generation ideas, brands can see a massive boost in their organic ROI. These social media hacks can uplift your brand’s growth to limitless social media lead generations.