Successful design doesn’t come strictly from a designer (GASP!)… It comes from a dialogue and collaboration between client and designer. The old addage “the customer is always right” may not be completely accurate in the world of graphic design, but an unhappy client usually leads to a design that will never see the light of day. Sometimes, however, it is dang near impossible to work with client feedback. These situations have been brilliantly translated into graphic posters by Ireland’s creative community. Check out some of our favorite posters in the gallery, or visit to see the entire collection. A bonus – all proceeds from the sale of these posters went to charity!

Author: Shannon spends most her days as a graphic designer at Pixel Productions, Inc. where she enjoys fantastic coffee, awesome coworkers and creating professional design work for clients of all shapes and sizes. She has an eye for detail and her talents include design for branding, packaging, web design and custom illustration.