the road to canterbury gameJun 01, 2011 – Gryphon Games is pleased to announce that The Road to Canterbury has passed its $10,000 goal and has over $18,000 pledged on, the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Over 400 people have backed this delightfully sinful game and taken advantage of the exceptional rewards that include copies of the game, free shipping within the continental US, and limited edition relic cards that will not appear in the published version. Designed by University of Utah Professor of English Literature and award-winning game designer Alf Seegert (Trollhalla, Bridge Troll), The Road to Canterbury offers great fun for 2-3 players ages 10 and up.

In this fun game, The Road to Canterbury, you play a pardoner just like Chaucer’s deliciously wicked figure. As you travel the road on pilgrimage to Canterbury, you sell indulgences delivering pilgrims from the eternal penalties brought on by the Seven Deadly Sins. But to succeed as a pardoner, you will need to do more than just sell forged pardons for quick cash. To keep your services in demand, you will actually need to lead these pilgrims into temptation yourself! Perhaps some phony relics might help? There is one big catch. The Seven Deadly Sins live up to their name: each sin that a pilgrim commits brings Death one step nearer, and a dead pilgrim pays no pardoners!

The designer, Alf Seegert, is an American game designer and professor of literature at the University of Utah. He is a five-time finalist at the Hippodice game design competition in Bochum, Germany and is the designer of the games Bridge Troll, Trollhalla, and now The Road to Canterbury.

Components include cards with details of each individual Deadly Sin painted by Bosch and seven thick pilgrim cards with art from the earliest illustrated manuscript of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Individual cloth coin bags are provided so each player can hide away his ill-gotten gains.

The Pardoner’s Guild awaits your support, so visit for more information or to make a pledge for this game and get your pre-ordered game first.