10 Popular Free Vector Icon Websites for App Design

Building a website or app? Get the list of the BEST FREE vector icon websites to illustrate functions and communicate clearly right here — you won’t be sorry you did.

Free Vector Icon Websites


Image Source: FlatIcons

The web is filled with hundreds of vector icon websites, but which are free and which are the best?

That depends on your needs. While some are free to use, others are paid for and require you to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription fee. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ten of the most popular free vector icon websites and determine which ones you should use.

As you may or may not know, the usage of the right type of icons can enhance your website and improve the user experience.


The importance of iconography in creating mobile apps and web interfaces can’t be overstated. Icons are the “face” or “symbol” of a brand or product, and they form the foundation of a user’s first impression of your product. When developing a website or an app, we all want to get layouts approved fairly quickly. To do this designers and developers utilize free vector icon websites to quickly get icons that can be used for everything from mobile navigation and social sharing to more custom icons to illustrate other important CTAs.


However, each business and project has its own set of design requirements.

What colors are appropriate for typefaces, buttons, and icons?

Which should be utilized, bitmaps or vector icons?

Even with all the tools available, it might be challenging to select the ideal icon when taking all these specifications into account. Or perhaps, especially given the wealth of resources at hand. Options abound, which may be overwhelming. This can make or break your brand.


We have compiled a hand-picked selection of the top free vector icon websites to assist you in streamlining your workflow. No matter what style you’re wanting, this collection will help you save time when looking for the ideal vector icon set.


  1. Flaticon: 


More than a million free vector icons may be found on FlatIcon. Whatever kind of vector icon you’re searching for, you’re certain to find it here since its free icons are offered in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats. Free social networking icons in a variety of designs are among its most popular collections. As one of the largest libraries of free vector icons, you may not only search and download the icons you need, but you can also post your own icons to increase their visibility and gather reader feedback. So, whatever kind of vector icon you’re looking for may be found here, along with some of the most often used ones like social media icon sets with style.


Visit the website, choose your icon(s), and then look for your vector is all that is required. All you need to sign up is an email, a username, and a password. As an alternative, you may register using a Google or Facebook account. When you search, you may use a filter to only see free vectors. Additionally, you may filter the kind of vectors you desire, including flat, multicolor, linear color, gradient, and black filled and outlined.


  1. Icons8: 


Icons8 generates vector icons, graphics, and associated technologies. The Icons8 team produced all the design elements internally, and they are available in a variety of uniform styles, which facilitates matching. On the website or in a free app, icons and whole collections may be changed in color. Additionally, there are plugins for Figma, Illustrator, and Photoshop that allow you to manipulate the icons inside of those programs.


Professional Icons8 illustrations are available in a wide range of areas. If you’re looking for something 

special, you may utilize an integrated online tool that is easy to use and doesn’t require design expertise to change an illustration or even develop your own from.


  1. Iamvector:


iamvector offers free vector icons in a variety of formats for web, mobile, and graphic design applications. It provides you with several customization options, such as changing the color and resizing the icon, among others. All free icons are available in png, SVG, and jpg formats. Also, keep an eye out for any free vector icons. Iamvector is a terrific online application that offers far more than simply icons. They provide a large quantity of free SVG icons as well as a large range of vector images. As the name implies, there are no copyright restrictions and all of their works are free to use.


  1. Freepik:


One of the biggest and most well-known internet resources for discovering free vector icons is Freepik. It describes itself as “the top search engine for free vectors” and is made to make it easier for users to locate free vector pictures, graphics, and icons. There are more than 815,100 both free and paid carriers available on the website. Freepik offers excellent quality vectors, unlike the majority of other websites, and you can download them in AI, EPS, or SVG formats.


You are not required to offer any attribution. Simply establish an account, then begin downloading the icons and illustrations you like, saving your favorites to your account. This may be accomplished by including a link to the web pages and platforms the website will offer. If you use it in a film, print product, mobile game, etc., you must also give Freepik credit.


  1. Iconfinder:


One of the best free icon search engines is Iconfinder, which as of today provides 2,592,445 SVG icons. You may find free designs here that work with a range of design hues. Despite the fact that there are several icon libraries, it is crucial to keep in mind that they could not exactly suit your demands, in which case you might need to make your own edits to the icons.


Iconfinder now has a new function called the Iconfinder Icon Editor. It is a simple and cost-free online icon editor. It may be used through a browser; no software has to be downloaded or installed. The icon’s text, color, and size are all very easily editable. You can absolutely satisfy the most fundamental icon editing requirements using the Icon Editor, even if you don’t have vector editing tools.


  1. Vecteezy:


One of the best websites for free vectors is Vecteezy, which offers more than a million free vectors, clipart pictures, vector art images, design templates, and graphics from across the globe. You can use any of its premium vector drawings for either personal or professional purposes. You’ll discover what you’re seeking there because it has a decent selection of vector graphics. You may also make comments and offer design criticism on illustration vectors, which is ideal for vector creators who want free input or for well-known designers who want to try their hand at digital mentoring.

The free vector graphics you may get from this website work great as backgrounds, headers, or hero images. Additionally, it’s a terrific location to visit if you’re seeking login buttons or other UI components. They also provide food, beverages, plants, and a variety of other things, so that’s not all!


  1. Deviant Art:


Despite having so many amazing websites that offer free vector pictures, Deviant Art is unquestionably unique. In order to establish a database that goes well beyond corporate-looking icons, this particular website was intended to provide a space for really inventive art.


Deviant Art provides a wide variety of beautiful and distinctive icons in a variety of artistic styles. The vector pictures presented here won’t be suitable for the majority of UX design tasks, but they undoubtedly can give almost anything individuality. This means that Deviant Art is a fantastic alternative for design teams looking to produce something unconventional and test the limits of traditional UX.

WARNING: One thing to watch out for on Deviant Art is that artist attribution rules for each artist change without warning. For example, you can use an image that requires an author credit with link back to the page. Over time, that artist may remove the art or append it’s citation usage leaving you open to receiving a collections email for unauthorized image use.


  1. VectorStcok:


Free EPS vector icons or images and graphics are available on VectorStock. When the website first went up in 2007, it only included a tiny number of vectors. With almost a million free vectors, the website now has a sizable collection. The library contains designs from people all around the world. The best editing program is Adobe Illustrator. You can use VectorStock without creating an account. If you work with vectors frequently, it’s a good idea to set up an account so you can conveniently manage collections. You may get money by creating vectors and selling them on the internet.


On VectorStock, you must give credit to the creator in order to download vectors for free. The vector must be credited to the creator if it is used on a website, social media platform, video, app, or printed product. You will receive all the credit language and links from the VectorStock website. As an alternative, you can choose one of the premium VectorStock plans to exclude credit. You can choose to pay for an image-by-image service, prepaid credits, or a subscription. The premium plans are rather affordable. On a subscription, each picture costs only $0.69.


  1. Free vector:


A great resource for finding and downloading free vectors, company logos, and icons is Free Vector. By using the more than 35 categories listed at the website’s bottom, you may quickly locate the vector art pictures you’re looking for in a variety of disciplines. You may save a tonne of time by using the featured free vector art displayed at the top. The fact that there is no requirement to establish an account in order to download any of the required high-quality vector graphics is another aspect of this website that we adore.


You may quickly fill out the form to join up for Free Vector. If not, you may sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account. The priciest vectors are frequently displayed first when you do a search for them. The free ones may be found by scrolling down. Click to bring up the download page, then select “Free Download.” Before the download starts, Free vector loads your vector in around five seconds. You can look at alternative deals while you wait.


  1. Noun  project:


Noun Project is a well-known international community where designers may look for and download icon materials and pieces. Its vector icons may all be downloaded quickly and are completely editable. It’s a wonderful resource for designers and developers looking for tiny, minimalist black-and-white icons because it has over 70,000 free, high-quality icons.


You may also include the icons in Google Suite software, which will allow you to deliver the classiest user interface design presentations at work. And if you’re feeling very tech-savvy, the Noun Project API is accessible. Ideal for all of your illogical creative ideas. Each free vector icon is also royalty-free, so you may download them for personal or even commercial usage, which is much better!


Final words:


Icon websites are everywhere, and they are getting more popular by the day. If you’re considering creating an app, or even just want to get some new icons for your website, you need to know what’s out there and which ones are the most popular. 


There are many vector icon websites out there. There is no shortage of design software floating around the internet to help you create your own. However, there are plenty of other websites that can be used for free or cheap. These websites offer unique and creative designs in a very user-friendly format. These websites can help you find the perfect icon you need for your next project.