Four Top-Rated SEO Practices to Compete With the Market Mammoths

Search Engine Optimization is key investment, check out these 4 top-rated SEO practices to help you compete with Big Businesses.

top-rated seo practices

There a certainly a number of ways to market your business online. That being said, if you run a website — SEO is an investment in your company’s future. Whether you run a cafes around the block or a small business selling loose leaf tea online, the top-rated SEO practices can help you compete with Wall Street Behemoths.


On that note, it is apparent that being a market giant carves out a fairly large portion of the SEO landscape limiting space for competitors. Essentially, brands derive their benefits from the sheer scale of their operations. Whether it is prominent stature they hold in front of the masses or being the top results on a search engine result, the market giants seem to be leading all the fronts.

Such critical circumstances have pushed small companies to believe in the charade that SEO is not a convenient option for them. The mere assumption that Google prefers larger companies is based on a misconstrued idea about the number of sales and marketing budgets.


However, when you strategize your SEO to counter the scale of market mammoths through SEO, you win the race for the long term!

This post is going to cover 4 top-rated SEO practices to achieve just that.

Why invest in Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the foundation of success in the dynamic field of digital marketing. When a business plans to expand the size of their clientele through gaining returns on their initial investments, they often rush to Google for all answers.

When you search a question or query on Google, you are most likely to either find the answer from the first three previews or else you click on one of those pages to find out more. Comparing this anecdote with the fact that 93 per cent of all online experiences begin from a Google search means that search engine optimization can truly turn the tables for SMEs.


We have specifically chosen small and medium-sized enterprises for this article to help our readers articulate the impact of SEO when comparing a small business with the likes of Mango, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s.


Here is a list of the top-rated SEO practices you can implement to reap the benefits of search engine optimization and compete with the big brands efficiently.


1. Know your position on search engines

Are you a small business with a dated website that has been left abandoned for a few years? If this is your case, then you have already won the lottery! Google, often termed as the god of search engines, tends to prefer older sites due to their representation of stability, reliability, and competence. All three characteristics are necessary rungs in the ladder of higher search engine results.


Considering the fact that around five million searches are counted on Google on a daily basis, one must truly invest their time in understanding Google analytics for the business. Knowing your position on the search engine will help you strategize effectively for the sole purpose of gaining visibility in front of your target audience.


This will help you redirect your efforts in the right direction.


2. Invest in content for better conversions

Content has the same position in the 2020s that Coca Cola had in the 1920s—implying that you too can enjoy the booms experienced by the soda giants in the last century by modernizing your marketing strategy.


Did you know that 97 per cent of consumers check the internet presence of a company before they decide to invest in it?


This is why when a relatively small business invests its resources in better copy and content; they open the doors to faster conversions. There is a basic rule of thumb operating here. All you need is the knowledge of what your audience desires and how they visualize it. All else is just sewing words in that direction.


When up and coming brands like Skin Outfit invest their time in SEO, they make sure that their mentions are made in some of the most-read platforms, like this one!

When market giants like eBay or Target invest in the optimization of their content, their focus is primarily limited to the high-volume phrases whereas a smaller business has the room to build an audience in the niche products to leverage their differentiating factors in this direction.


3. Get your social media running far and wide.

Search engine optimization and social media are two paths that meet at some conjecture of business success without paying heed to the size of the operations. In that context, it is crucial to mention that the largest segment of the population invested in active purchases falls under the cohort of millennials and Gen Z. Both of these segments of the audience have a serious affinity for visually compelling results.


For smaller businesses, the ability to gain sufficient visibility and organic traffic are both essential for surviving the long term. The best way to boost inbound traffic is through the channels that come under social media. It is the authority over the audience that makes the difference in rates of engagement and influence. 


The effectiveness of your social media strategy is missing piece in your puzzle of successful ranks on search engines. 


4. Boost your preparations for battle.

Differentiation is the best characteristic needed by any business to compete with those ahead in its line. From the content to the product, customer service to visual aesthetics, each element adds more value to the digital mix when balanced through the careful culmination of USPs and subtlety.

You must think from the perspective of the consumer. Why would they choose to buy clothes from your boutique when they can easily order them from ZARA or American Eagle? You can choose to support the environmental enthusiasm and bash fast fashion to gain traction here. Or you can go the other way around and star on an influencer’s monthly favourites. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for a small business and its search engine optimization.


Final thoughts

You may be categorized as a small business today but remember that every big brand was in your position someday. Time and dedication are the two resources you can invest to win against the mammoths who rule the market today.